Introduction to Risk

By Colin Watson

Book cover for Introduction to Risk


Risk can be defined as the possibility of loss, injury, disadvantage or destruction with regards to an organization. "Introduction to Risk" details the step-by-step processes and methods that an organization can put in place to minimize the impact of risk. The book also discusses the risk management lifecycle of identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring risk.

This book examines:

  • The function of the internal audit department
  • What a third-party policy is and how it works
  • The U.K. regulatory landscape and best practice that can ensure compliance
  • The four components of the risk management lifecycle

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-1-909170-14-8
Publisher Global Professional Publishing
Published Copyright 2013
Pages 281
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Risk Assessment
Chapter 2 Third-Party Policies
Chapter 3 Credit Risk
Chapter 4 Operational Risk
Chapter 5 Internal Audit Function
Chapter 6 Legal Function
Chapter 7 Introduction to Regulation and Compliance

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