Faces of Fraud: Cases and Lessons from a Life Fighting Fraudsters

By Martin T. Biegelman, CFE, CCEP

This book’s author is a CFE

This book's author is a CFE.

Cover of the book Faces of Fraud


Sharing his 40 years of international fraud-fighting experiences, cases and best practices, author Martin Biegelman, CFE, breaks down the key lessons he has learned in fighting fraud. In "Faces of Fraud", Biegelman profiles the key traits fraudsters share, as well as the skills good fraud examiners must possess to thwart fraud before it takes root

Featuring more than 20 case studies including: 

  • The Fraudster Mindset
  • Use Your Imagination in Fighting Fraud
  • Fraudster Stupidity Is Your Friend
  • Good Humor Ice Cream Scandal
  • A Tale of Deceitful Pitches and Vendor Kickbacks

Product Details

This book's author is a CFE.
Label Value
ISBN 978-1-118-00274-2
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2013
Pages 269
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Fraudster Mindset
Chapter 2 A Short History of Fraud in America
Chapter 3 Use Your Imagination
Chapter 4 Make Yourself Lucky
Chapter 5 Patience Is a Virtue
Chapter 6 Fraud Can Be Murder
Chapter 7 Arrogance and Recidivism
Chapter 8 Informants and Whistleblowers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Chapter 9 Tale of Deceitful Pitches and Vendor Kickbacks
Chapter 10 Cruise to Nowhere
Chapter 11 Who’s Who of Fraud: A Story of Vanity and Deception
Chapter 12 Kids and Coins: Scoundrels without a Conscience
Chapter 13 More Tips, Best Practices, and Lessons
Chapter 14 Power of Prosecution and Prevention

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