Corporate Management, Governance and Ethics Best Practices

By S. Rao Vallabhaneni

Corporate Management Governance Ethics
Corporate Management, Governance and Ethics Best Practices


Representing a collective voice for the entire business management profession, "Corporate Management, Governance and Ethics Best Practices" provides a cohesive framework for organization-wide implementation of the best practices used by today's leading companies and is an authoritative source on best practices covering all functions of a business corporation, including governance and ethics.

When implemented properly, these best practices help organizations:

  • Increase product sales and service revenues
  • Achieve cost, production, and service efficiencies
  • Increase effective utilization of financial and non-financial resources
  • Improve organizational, operational, technical, and financial performance
  • Increase the quality of products and services in the marketplace
  • Increase market share, profits, and returns
  • Adhere to ethical principles and values and comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards

Because every company's resources and budget are different, "Corporate Management, Governance and Ethics Best Practices" takes a "big picture" approach, allowing managers and executives to tailor each practice based on organization-specific resource availability as well as management strategies and priorities. Each chapter begins with an overview of the topic, a presentation of management's roles and responsibilities, and a discussion of core topics, and ends with applicable laws, rules, regulations, standards and principles. 

Within this trove of proven winning strategies, best-in-class employees working for world-class organizations will find a wellspring of information to help them think differently, act radically, discover their own best-of-breed solutions, and implement best practices to prosper and grow their organizations' business continuously and successfully.

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN ISBN 978-0-470-11723-1
Publisher John Wiley and Sons
Published Copyright 2008
Pages 430
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Corporate Governance Best Practices
Chapter 3 Corporate Ethics Best Practices
Chapter 4 General Management Best Practices
Chapter 5 Manufacturing and Service Management Best Practices
Chapter 6 Marketing and Sales Management Best Practices
Chapter 7 Quality Management Best Practices
Chapter 8 Process Management Best Practices
Chapter 9 Human Resources Management Best Practices
Chapter 10 Accounting, Treasury, and Finance Management Best Practices
Chapter 11 Information Technology Management Best Practices
Chapter 12 International Business Management Best Practices
Chapter 13 Project Management Best Practices

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