An Endless Stream of Lies: A Young Man's Voyage Into Fraud

By Don Rabon

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A river is a force flowing as a result of the actions of nature. Fraud is a force flowing as a result of the intentional actions of someone.

"An Endless Stream of Lies" examines the origin, the course that follows and the ending of a unique fraud investigation case study. Like a river, this fraud has a source but just as importantly there are many tributaries contributing to the flow all waiting to be explored. This book provides insight into the thought processes and subsequent actions of a fraudster.

Product Details

Label Value
ISBN 978-0-990-33670-9
Publisher Highly Motivated Inc.
Published Copyright 2015
Pages 174
Format Paperback

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Rip Tide of Human Actions
Chapter 2 The Search for the Source of Fraudster
Chapter 3 Alex and the Fraud Triangle: Three Atoms to Form Water – Three Requirements to Form Fraud
Chapter 4 Alex Met the Investors at the Well, He Took Their Water and the Well Ran Dry
Chapter 5 The River Turns and Turns Once Again, Alex Leaks to The FBI, Alex’s Double Knavery
Chapter 6 He Looked into a Pool, He Fell in Love, He Wasted Away
Chapter 7 Oil and Water, Differing Testimonies
Chapter 8 No Longer at Life’s Helm, Into the City of Woes
Chapter 9 Unchartered Waters

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