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Mother’s Words of Wisdom Guides Private Investigator Through Career Changes

May 2015

ACFE Member Profile
Senior Investigator, NYS Insurance Fund
NYS Licensed Private Investigator

Mara McLaughlin’s plans of becoming an attorney quickly changed while she was working at a private investigations firm in her first job after college. She realized that her true passion was in investigations. And, no matter what those investigations, career changes or personal challenges entailed, she decided she would always keep the faith in her decisions. “My mother always reminded me to accept the things I could not change and accept that the best and worst times of my life can coincide,” said McLaughlin. “When times get tough I remember my mom’s words of wisdom. I make the choice to wake up and approach each day with a smile and positive attitude.”

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised on Long Island. My father was a school administrator, so summer vacations were spent on the beach with family and friends. If we weren’t at the ocean we were enjoying the culture of New York City or camping up and down the East Coast. My parents always found interesting things to do with my sisters and me so I enjoyed a great childhood. 


What is your current role and what does it entail?

I am employed as a senior investigator for the New York State Insurance Fund, Division of Confidential Investigations. I work with an amazing team of investigators assigned throughout New York, and our division specializes in all areas of workers compensation fraud. We evaluate cases for the potential of criminal prosecution. We work with local district attorneys’ offices and law enforcement agencies whose ongoing support is essential to our success and, most importantly, the fight against fraud. 

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