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  • General Membership Questions

    I'm new to the anti-fraud profession. Can I still join the ACFE? 

    Yes. Whether you're an experienced anti-fraud professional or new to the field, we invite you to join. Associate Membership is open to all individuals of high moral character with the requisite professional interest in fraud examination. Associates should have a professional interest in the field of fraud examination.

    Where can I get an application for membership? 

    You can click here to apply directly online, download the application PDF or you may contact us.

    Once I join, when can I expect to receive my membership card, member resource guide, Fraud Magazine®, and The Fraud Examiner (member exclusive e-newsletter)?  

    You should receive your membership card and member resource guide within two weeks, and your first issue of the magazine and e-newsletter within four weeks.

    May I pay my membership dues two years at a time?  

    Yes, simply note on your invoice that you are paying dues in advance.

    How do I update my contact information? 

    You can update your contact information online by logging in with your username and password, then selecting "Edit This Profile" in your Account Information. You can also contact Member Services for assistance.

    If I change jobs, does my membership "travel" with me? 

    If you are not a participant in the ACFE Corporate Alliance, your membership cannot be transferred to another individual within your organization. The membership remains with you regardless of employment changes.

    If your membership is under the Corporate Alliance, your membership belongs to the organization and will end once the organization chooses to end it. However, if you are no longer participating in the program, you have the option to continue your membership with the ACFE.

    Is an Associate Member required to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)? 

    No. While we encourage every member to continually expand their anti-fraud knowledge, we do not expect, nor require, all of our Associate Members to become CFEs. Each member joins the ACFE with different goals and aspirations and we value all of them equally.

    I don't remember my login information. How can I get my username and password?  

    Click here to have your login information emailed to you. Remember, we will use the most current email address on file for you. If your email has changed, please contact Member Services for your login information. 


    About the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Credential

    What is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?  

    A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a leader in the anti-fraud community, noted as a specialist in the prevention and deterrence of fraud. They represent the highest standards held by the ACFE and possess expertise in all aspects of the anti-fraud profession.

    How do I know if I am eligible to become a CFE?  

    Qualifications for becoming a CFE include having high moral character and meeting minimum professional and academic requirements. Click here for full details.

    I already hold other certifications. Does this qualify me as a CFE as well?  

    No. The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a unique credential with its own requirements and standards. Your other certifications will be counted as part of the qualifying points system but will not automatically make you a CFE.

    Who sets the standards for CFE certification?  

    The standards are set by the ACFE's Board of Regents, who are elected by CFE members and drawn from our most experienced members.

    Is the CFE credential acknowledged globally?  

    Yes. The CFE credential is acknowledged globally and preferred by employers. Becoming a CFE immediately sets you apart from the competition and launches you to the top of your profession.

    Do other entities offer the CFE certification?  

    No. CFE certification is a unique aspect of the ACFE.

    Which seminars or video courses should I take in order to prepare for the CFE Exam?  

    The only products offered by the ACFE specifically as preparation for the CFE Exam are the CFE Exam Prep Course® and the Fraud Examiners Manual. Other self-study course materials, seminars and publications might aid you in your preparation, but are not required.

    How can I prepare for the exam? 

    It is important that you take the time to prepare for the CFE Exam. There are many different ways you can prepare, but the following are most common:

    Study on your own using the Fraud Examiners Manual. The CFE Exam's questions are derived from material contained in the Fraud Examiners Manual.

    Study with the CFE Exam Prep Course, a computer self-study course produced by the ACFE. Available in US and International editions, the CFE Exam Prep Course mirrors the format of the actual exam and comes with a Money-Back Pass Guarantee. The Fraud Examiners Manual is included on the CD-ROM with the CFE Exam Prep Course for quick and convenient reference.



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