• CFE Exam

    Technical Issues and Requirements 

    What are the computer requirements to take the CFE Exam?

    System Requirements:

    • Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above
    • Screen resolution of 1280x1024 or greater
    • High-speed Internet connection (minimum 2Mbps upload/2Mbps download)
    • Ability to download Google Chrome extension
    • Web camera
    • Microphone

    Browser Requirements:

    • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest version recommended)
    • Browser must be set to allow JavaScript, cookies, pop-ups, web camera access, and microphone access. 

    What if my computer doesn't meet the specified requirements?
    If you are unable to access a computer that meets the specified requirements, please contact the ACFE for guidance.

    Is there somewhere I can go to take the exam if my computer doesn't meet the requirements? 
    The ACFE offers numerous CFE Exam Review Courses throughout the year during which you can take your exam in a live proctored environment. Please see the ACFE calendar of events to locate a CFE Exam Review Course near you. If you are unable to attend one of these courses, contact the ACFE to discuss other options.

    Can I take the exam in a public place, such as a library?
    We strongly discourage taking the CFE Exam in a public setting, as doing so might invalidate your proctoring results. If you have computer or Internet issues that would prohibit you from taking the exam on a personal computer, please contact the ACFE for guidance. Please note: If taking the CFE Exam at an Authorised Trainer course, your proctored session will be flagged as such and reviewed accordingly. Specific rules will apply.

    Can I take the exam on an iPad? 
    The proctoring software is not currently compatible with iPads. Please note, however, that the online CFE Exam Prep Course can still be accessed using an iPad.

    What if something goes wrong during my exam? What if my webcam or microphone stop working? 
    If you have a technical issue while setting up or taking your exam, please contact Examity support immediately for guidance. Examity can be reached via email (support@examity.com), chat, or telephone (855-Examity) and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    How do I know whether to contact Examity or the ACFE if I'm having issues with my exam? 
    If you experience any technical issues related to the exam authentication process, we recommend that you start by contacting Examity for support. Issues related to exam keys, license activation codes, or the exam itself should be directed to the ACFE (Email: MemberServices@ACFE.com; Phone: +1 (512) 478-9000 or (800) 245-3321).

    What kind of photo ID should I use when setting up my profile? 
    You will need to upload an image of a government-issued identification card (e.g., driver’s license, military ID, passport) for your profile picture. The ID must include a photo and identifying information. You must use the same ID when you are prompted to verify your identity during the actual proctoring process.

    How do I disconnect my second monitor? 
    To ensure successful proctoring reports, it is extremely important that you physically disconnect your second monitor. To do so, unplug the second monitor or disconnect it from its power source. Note: Powering off your second monitor or moving everything to a single screen might invalidate your proctoring results and cause you to have to retake the exam. 

    Why must I use the Google Chrome browser to take the exam? 
    Examity's proctoring software is currently only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. 

    What if I accidentally launch the exam in a different browser? 
    We are not able to provide troubleshooting support for any browser other than Google Chrome. If you launch an exam section in a different browser and are unable to complete it due to technical issues, you will have to attempt that section of the exam again in the Chrome browser. Please note that exam attempt rules and retake fees might apply.  

    How do I turn off my pop-up blocker/allow Examity pop-ups? 
    See the browser set-up document located on the Help & Support page for instructions on how to adjust your browser settings to be compatible with Examity’s proctoring software.

    Why do I have to download an extension every time I take a section of the test? Will the extension affect any other part of my computer system? 
    You are required to download the Examity browser extension for monitoring and security purposes. The extension is automatically removed from your computer after you complete each exam section. It only affects your browser while taking the exam; once the extension is automatically removed, no lingering effects should remain.

    General Proctoring Questions

    What if I need special testing accommodations? 
    The ACFE complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as any country-specific equivalent, and will provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities or special needs. To submit a request, please contact the ACFE 45 days prior to the date when you intend to take the exam.

    What if I have to go to the bathroom after I have started the exam? 
    To ensure the integrity of the CFE Exam, you may not leave the room after you have begun your exam. Please ensure that you go to the bathroom ahead of time.

    Can I eat or drink while taking the exam?
    You may eat and drink while taking the CFE Exam. Please note, however, that you may not leave the camera’s view once you begin the exam.

    What if someone enters the room and tries to talk to me while I’m taking my exam?
    Best practice would be to inform the person that you are taking an exam and end the conversation right away. Please remain in the view of the camera. If the conversation continues or you leave the camera’s view, your proctoring results might be invalidated.

    If I'm interrupted by someone while taking my exam, will I automatically be marked as cheating?   
    All interruptions during an exam session will be reviewed to determine whether they constitute a violation of testing rules before any action is taken.  

    Will I be monitored live? 
    To enable exam users flexibility in taking their exam, all exams sessions will be recorded and reviewed by both computer monitoring software and human auditors.  

    What happens to the video recording after I complete my exam? 
    All video exam sessions are reviewed by both computer monitoring software and human auditors. Any videos found to have anomalies or potential violations are escalated to the ACFE Certification Committee for further review.  

    How long will the video of my exam session be stored? 
    Videos of exam sessions are subject to retention policy based on whether any anomalies or potential violations were noted. All exam videos are kept for a minimum of 60 days.

    What happens if my video is flagged for potential cheating? 
    Any anomalies or potential violations will be reviewed by the ACFE Certification Committee. If the committee determines that your exam session violates testing rules, the ACFE will contact you directly with its findings. Exam candidates who are determined to have violated testing rules might be required to retake an exam or be subject to disciplinary action.

    General Exam Questions

    How does the CFE Exam differ from the practice exams in the CFE Exam Prep Course? 
    The practice exams in the CFE Exam Prep Course are designed to help you test your knowledge before taking the real exam. The practice exams are based on the Prep Course content and model the exam format in an unproctored setting.  

    How is the demo exam different from the regular exam? 
    The demo exam is an optional 10-question exam designed to help familiarize you with the proctoring authentication steps, as well as the format of the regular exam.  

    How much time do I have to take the exam? Does setting up proctoring affect my total exam time? 
    You will have 2 hours to complete each section of the CFE Exam. You will need to budget an extra 10‒15 minutes to set up proctoring, but that time will not count toward your 2-hour exam window.

    Where can I find my license activation code? 
    You can find your CFE Exam license activation code at ACFE.com/licensekeyfulfillment.aspx. Alternatively, you can log into your ACFE.com account, click on “My Transactions,” and then click on either the CFE Exam Prep Course product or the CFE Exam product if no Prep Course was purchased. This page will list your license activation code. Please note that the same license activation code is used for both the CFE Exam and the Prep Course, if applicable.

    How do I request my exam keys? 
    The exam keys can be requested through Step 4 of the Examity Dashboard. Please note: If you are a CFE Exam Review Course attendee and have an approved application on file, your exam keys will be provided to you on-site.

    How long do I have to take my exam after I enter my exam key? What if I do not take the exam in that amount of time? 
    You must take each exam section within 24 hours of unlocking it. If you do not complete an exam section within the specified time frame, it will count as a failed attempt. However, you will not be penalized for exam keys that expire due to technology issues.

    What if I accidentally enter the wrong exam key? 
    You will need to complete any exams tied to your exam key before you will be allowed to enter a new one. Your exam key will expire 24 hours after you have entered it. If your exam key expires, please contact the ACFE for assistance.

    Can I reschedule my exam after entering my exam key or selecting the “Take Exam” button? 
    Please make sure that you do not enter your exam key or schedule your exam until you are ready to take it. Once an exam key is entered, you will have to complete that section of the exam within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the exam key will expire, and you will have to contact the ACFE for assistance. Please also note that once you click on the “Take Exam” button on the “Start/Select Exam” page, exiting out of the authentication process or the actual exam can result in serious technical complications.

    How do I know when an exam is submitted? 
    Each exam section will be automatically submitted upon successful completion. You will receive a confirmation message after you hit the “End Exam” button. 

    Do I have to take the survey at the end of the exam? 
    The survey is optional, but we encourage you to complete it. Any feedback you offer can help improve the exam proctoring experience.

    When will I receive my results? How soon can I complete a retake? 
    You will be notified of your exam results within 3‒5 business days after your final exam section has been submitted. CFE Exam Review Course attendees will receive their results within 3‒5 business days of submitting each individual section. If you qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee or have attended a CFE Exam Review Course, a retake key will be provided in that email. If neither situation applies to you, you can contact the ACFE immediately after receiving your exam results email to pay for your retake fee. The retake key will then be provided within 3‒5 business days.

    Can I see what questions I got incorrect when I receive my results? 
    To ensure the integrity of the exam, we do not distribute incorrect responses to test takers. 

    How many attempts do I have for each section? 
    You will have 3 attempts to pass each section of the CFE Exam. To pass, you must accurately answer at least 75% of the questions in each section.