• CFE Exam FAQs

    Testing Options and Requirements

    How do I take the CFE Exam?

    The CFE Exam is administered through Prometric’s exam delivery system. After the ACFE has approved your CFE Exam application and you have paid the application fee, we will provide you with instructions for scheduling the four exam sections. You will have the option of taking your exam sections at a private location of your choice using Prometric’s online remote proctoring platform or at one of the many Prometric testing centers located throughout the world.

    Do I have to take all four exam sections the same way?

    Each CFE Exam section is considered a separate exam in the Prometric system and must be scheduled as a separate appointment. You may take all four sections remotely, at a testing center, or using a combination of both options. Please be aware, however, you will be charged an extra $10 fee for each testing center appointment.

    How do I know which testing option is right for me?

    Remote proctoring allows you to take the CFE Exam from the comfort of your own home or office without having to travel or test near other people. However, remote proctoring is not right for everyone. A testing center might be a better option for you if:

    • You do not have access to a computer that meets the technical requirements or a camera/microphone.
    • Your computer has technical issues or security settings that are not compatible with the remote proctoring application.
    • You do not have a private testing space available or are unable to guarantee that you will not be interrupted by other people.
    • Your testing environment does not meet Prometric’s criteria (e.g., walls, a door, a clutter-free testing area).

    Is there a testing center near me?

    To determine the location of the closest Prometric testing center, go to Prometric's ACFE website, select the “Locate” link in the left-hand sidebar and follow the instructions.

    Can I take the exam on my personal computer?

    Yes, you can take the exam on a personal computer if you select the remote proctoring option. For additional information about how Prometric’s ProProctorTM system works, visit ProProctor Candidate Information.

    To test remotely, you will need to have access to a computer capable of installing a lightweight app, a web camera capable of a 360-degree environmental check, a microphone, a stable internet connection and a private location. Please note that the exam is not compatible with tablets or phones.

    Can I take the exam on my work computer?

    Although some people do have success testing from a work computer, Prometric generally does not recommend testing on a corporate machine due to potential firewall, permissions and security settings that might not be compatible with the ProProctorTM application. If you do choose to test remotely on a corporate computer, make sure you review the following instructions:



    We also recommend running a system check prior to scheduling your exam to ensure that your network and computer are compatible with Prometric’s system. Please note, however, that passing results do not take firewall and other security settings into consideration, so it is still possible that you might encounter problems when attempting to launch your exam. If you are at all concerned, it might be best to schedule your exam appointments at a testing center.

    What are the system requirements for remote proctoring?

    Specific system requirements include:

    • Screen resolution: 1024 X 768
    • Operating system: Windows 8 or above/MacOS
    • Web browser: Latest version of Google Chrome
    • Web camera resolution: 640 X 480p
    • Microphone: Enabled
    • Download Speed: 0.5 mbps

    Can I connect to a VPN during my exam?

    Connecting your computer through a VPN will limit performance of the exam delivery software and may cause ProProctor to block your access completely, so you’ll need to disable it prior to your exam. Reach out to your company’s IT support team for assistance on identifying your VPN and disabling it. If you choose to test from a corporate/work office, we strongly recommend you involve your IT team to resolve any issues, including potential firewall or VPN issues, long before test day.

    How do I know if my web camera meets the requirements?

    Prometric recommends you use a web camera capable of moving around at a 360-degree angle for the remote proctoring security and environmental checks (i.e., a web camera that you can move around to show your entire testing environment). Is it best to use an external camera or one that is built into a laptop.

    Scheduling Information

    How do I schedule an exam?

    To schedule an exam, you must first receive approval from the ACFE. Once you have been granted eligibility, visit Prometric's ACFE website and decide whether you want to take your exam remotely or at a Prometric testing center. From there, click on the appropriate scheduling link. Please note that there are two different scheduling paths, so it is important that you always return to the main ACFE page before scheduling your next appointment.

    How do I receive approval from the ACFE to schedule my exams?

    To be granted an eligibility for Prometric’s system, you must first apply for the CFE Exam, pay the exam application fee and submit your supporting documents. When the ACFE has approved your exam application, a green “Schedule Exam” button will appear in your Certification Portal. Click this button when you are ready for your 60-day eligibility period to begin. The button will create your four exam section eligibilities and direct you to Prometric’s website so you can schedule your exams. Note that you will use the same eligibility number (your ACFE member number) for all four exams, but it will not activate until you click on the “Schedule Exam” button.

    If you are unable to use the “Schedule Exam” button or need a new exam eligibility for any reason, please contact the ACFE directly (Email: MemberServices@ACFE.com; Phone: +1 (512) 478-9000 or (800) 245-3321).

    How much time do I have to schedule and take my exams?strong>

    Once you click on the “Schedule Exam” button in your Certification Portal, you will have 60 days to schedule and take all four exam sections. Failure to complete an exam section in this time period may result in forfeiture of an exam attempt, as will failure to show up for a scheduled appointment.

    Why do I have to schedule an exam in advance?

    There are two options for taking your exam through Prometric—you may go to a testing center or take the exam remotely at a private location of your choice. Both options involve live proctoring and therefore require you to schedule an appointment in advance. Scheduling your appointment ahead of time ensures that your exam appointment will run smoothly and be staffed appropriately.

    How far in advance do I need to schedule my exam?

    Prometric recommends that you schedule your exam at least 30 days ahead of time to ensure that you get the appointment of your choice. However, if your schedule is flexible and there is availability, you can schedule up to 24 hours ahead of time. Please be aware of our reschedule/cancelation policy when you make your appointment to ensure that you are not subject to any fees if you need to make changes.

    What information should I be prepared to provide when I schedule?

    To schedule your exam, you will need to provide your Prometric eligibility number. Your Prometric eligibility number is the same as your ACFE member number. Please note, however, that you must receive approval from the ACFE before you will be allowed to schedule your exams.

    Please also have the following information available:

    • Your name (Note that the name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name on the identification you will be showing at the time of your appointment.)
    • Your phone number
    • Your mailing address
    • Your email address
    • The name of the exam you wish to schedule

    What is an eligibility number?

    Your Prometric eligibility number is the number you will use to schedule your exam appointments. It tells the Prometric system which exams you are eligible to take and when you are allowed to take them. Your eligibility number will be provided by the ACFE when you have completed your exam application and have been approved to test (as well as when you have been approved for retakes). It is the same as your ACFE member number, but it will not be activated in Prometric’s system until the ACFE has provided authorization to Prometric.

    What is a confirmation number?

    You will get a Prometric confirmation number every time you schedule an exam appointment (e.g., if you scheduled an appointment for all four exam sections, you would have four confirmation numbers). Prometric will send you an email with this number after you have successfully scheduled your appointment, and you will need to provide this number at the time of your exam appointment, regardless of whether you chose to use a testing center or remote proctoring. You will also need this number if you have to cancel or reschedule an already scheduled exam.

    What do I do if I lose my confirmation number?

    If you are unable to find your confirmation number, you may contact Prometric or call 1-888-244-3729 (if you stay on the line, you will be connected with a customer service representative). The ACFE can also provide assistance if needed.

    Will there be a fee if I need to cancel or reschedule an exam appointment?

    It depends on how much time you have left before your exam appointment. Our reschedule/cancelation policy is as follows:

    There is no charge for changing or canceling an exam appointment 30 days or more before a scheduled appointment. Changes made between 3 and 29 days are subject to a $35 fee, paid directly to Prometric at the time of the appointment change. You may not reschedule an exam less than 3 days prior to your appointment. If you fail to show up for an exam or cancel within 3 days of a scheduled appointment, you will be subject to a $50 rescheduling fee (paid directly to the ACFE) and forfeiture of an exam attempt.

    If I have an exam booked at a testing center, how can I change it to a remote exam (or the reverse)?

    If you wish to change your exam plans and have already scheduled an appointment, you will need to reschedule it. Please be aware, however, that fees might apply depending on how much time remains before your scheduled appointment.

    To reschedule an exam appointment, go to Prometric's ACFE website. Click on the “Reschedule” link in the left-hand sidebar that is listed under the testing method you want, not the testing method you originally chose (e.g., if you wish to change your testing center appointment to a remote proctoring one, click on the “Reschedule” link listed under “Remotely Proctored Exam”). You will need the confirmation number that Prometric emailed you after you scheduled your initial exam appointment and the first four characters of your last name.


    What happens if I experience technical difficulties when taking my exam through remote proctoring? Who should I contact?

    If you experience any technical problems before your actual exam launches, you will need to contact Prometric at 1-800-795-3926. For problems during your exam, call 1-800-226-7958. This number will also be listed at the top of your screen. All remote proctoring appointments include onboarding support from a live person who will be doing your security and environmental checks. This person will be able to provide additional guidance.

    If you are unable to successfully complete your exam due to technical issues, you might need to reschedule your appointment. Please contact the ACFE for guidance and a new exam eligibility (Email: MemberServices@ACFE.com; Phone: +1 (512) 478-9000 or (800) 245-3321). If you are unable to resolve your computer issues, you might need to schedule any remaining exam sections at a testing center.

    How do I contact Prometric if I have any other questions or concerns?

    For non-urgent issues, you can fill out a request for Prometric to contact you via their Contact Form web page.

    For questions pertaining to scheduling and appointments, call 1-888-244-3729.

    If you have any other concerns, you may contact the ACFE and we will reach out to our designated Prometric contact on your behalf.

    Proctoring and Permissible Items

    What personal items can I take to the testing center?

    When you arrive at the testing center, you will be provided access to a locker where you can store personal items. See the test center regulations for information on what is and is not permitted in the actual testing room, and click here for a list of pre-approved accommodation-related items permitted at testing centers.

    Please contact Prometric directly if you have any specific questions about permissible items.

    What prohibited behaviors will the proctor watch for during the exam?

    Prior to beginning your exam, both you and your testing environment (in the case of remote proctoring) will undergo a security scan. Both before and during your exam, the proctor will be looking for signs of security violations or unauthorized materials. You are prohibited from using notes, study tools or outside assistance of any kind during your exam, as well as recording or capturing exam content. You also may not leave the testing area for any period of time unless you have received approval from your proctor or been granted a testing accommodation by the ACFE. If the proctor detects or has strong reason to suspect a violation, you might not be permitted to test, or your exam session might be terminated. You also will be subject to disciplinary action by the ACFE.

    What can I expect during my security and environmental checks for remote proctoring appointments?

    Prometric takes exam security very seriously and wants to ensure that all candidates, whether remote or in-person, are subject to the same high standards. Their checks for remote proctoring are very thorough and include a full scan of the room where you are testing, your desk/table area, your chair, the floor around you, your arms and hands, pockets and more. You will not be permitted to wear jewelry or have any notes or electronic devices near you. You also might be asked to remove or cover nearby clutter with a blanket or sheet.

    To ensure a smooth testing experience, we recommend taking some time to clean up your testing area prior to your appointment and scan your surroundings for any papers, books, envelopes or other materials that might be considered problematic. It is also important to make sure you have a flat surface to test on, an actual stool or chair and a private room with four walls and a door.

    If you do not feel comfortable with these requirements or feel like you will be able to successfully meet them, testing at a Prometric testing center might be a better option for you. The ACFE will be happy to work with you to make sure your testing experience is as positive as possible while still adhering to testing industry best practices.

    General Exam Questions

    Are there any additional fees associated with taking the CFE Exam through Prometric?

    The CFE Exam application fee includes one remote proctoring attempt for each of the four CFE Exam sections. If you choose to take your exams at a testing center instead, you will be charged an additional $10 fee for each exam appointment. The same is true for retakes—the cost of a remote proctoring appointment is covered by the ACFE’s retake fee, but there will be an additional $10 charge if a testing center is used.

    Prometric’s cancelation/rescheduling policy could also potentially result in fees, depending on the timing of any appointment changes:

    • 30+ days before your scheduled appointment:There is no charge for changing or canceling an exam appointment 30 days or more before a scheduled appointment.
    • 3–29 days before your scheduled appointment:Changes made between 3 and 29 days are subject to a $35 fee, paid directly to Prometric at the time of the appointment change.
    • Less than 3 days before your scheduled appointment:You may not reschedule an exam less than 3 days prior to your appointment. If you fail to show up for an exam or cancel within 3 days of a scheduled appointment, you will be subject to a $50 rescheduling fee (paid directly to the ACFE) and forfeiture of an exam attempt.

    Can I take a break during the exam?

    We do not permit any scheduled breaks during the CFE Exam. If you have an emergency during your exam appointment that requires you to leave your workstation, you will be permitted one five-minute unscheduled break. However, you must obtain permission from your proctor before exiting the exam area, and you will be subject to security screening upon your return. Your exam timer will not stop running during this unscheduled break or during the security screening. Please also note that your exam will be terminated if you do not return within the allotted five minutes.

    What do I do if I need a testing accommodation?

    The ACFE complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as any country-specific equivalent, and will provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities or special needs. If you require a testing accommodation, please contact us at ExamAccommodations@ACFE.com 30 to 60 days before you plan on taking your exam.

    How long does it take to get exam results?

    You will receive your complete exam results within 3–5 business days of your final exam submission, unless CFE Exam Review Course rules apply. If you are a CFE Exam Review Course attendee, you will get your exam results within 1–2 business days after each individual exam submission.

    Can I see what questions I got incorrect when I receive my results?

    To ensure the integrity of the exam, we do not distribute incorrect responses to test takers.

    How many attempts do I have for each section?

    You will have 3 attempts to pass each section of the CFE Exam. To pass, you must accurately answer at least 75% of the questions in each section.

    How long do I have to wait to retake an exam?

    We will contact you within 3–5 business days of your final exam submission with retake instructions, unless CFE Exam Review Course rules apply. All retakes will need to be scheduled through Prometric.

    If you are a CFE Exam Review Course attendee, you will be contacted with your results within 1–2 business days after completing each exam section. You will need to pay a retake fee before you will be permitted to schedule a new exam appointment for any failed sections.

    What is the retake fee?

    The retake fee for each failed exam section is $100. CFE Exam Review Course attendees will be granted a discounted retake fee of $50 for their first two failed attempts. Any additional attempts will be $100 each.