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    Educator membership is open to individuals who are employed full-time at a college or a university and teaching as their primary means of employment. Educator members receive full access to all member benefits, additional training discounts and numerous resources to use in the classroom.


    The ACFE reserves the right to request ongoing proof of primary employment.


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    Educator Member Benefits 

    Reduced membership dues with full access to all member resources — Get the knowledge, resources and training you need to provide the most up-to-date information and content to your students.


    Discounts to an ACFE event of your choice — Stay abreast of the latest developments and emerging trends in the anti-fraud field and incorporate them into your curriculum. Educator members receive a 50 percent discount to most ACFE events. Additionally, you may elect to register for one multiple-day event free of charge during the course of your membership. Limited availability, register early. Learn more about this exclusive Educator member benefit. 


    Become a CFE — Enhance your anti-fraud knowledge, skills and effectiveness as an educator by earning the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential. If you are currently employed full-time by an accredited college or university, you may meet the requirement of two years fraud-related professional experience. You must have taught four 3-hour courses (or the equivalent of 12 semester hours) of instruction on fraud-related topics for a two-year period. Alternatively, educators may meet the professional experience requirement by submitting original scholarly works that have been published in a peer-reviewed scientific or academic journal. All submissions will be subject to review by the ACFE certification committee, which will have the sole discretion to accept or reject such works as meeting the professional experience requirement for certification.


    Special Educator Certification Package — Active Educator Associate members are eligible to receive the CFE Exam Prep Course and CFE Exam fee for $450 (a $1,149.60 value). The Prep Course is available online and electronic download formats. Download the Certification Package order form and submit by fax to +1 (512) 478-9297. All orders require approval from the ACFE. 


    Free classroom resources — As the premier provider of anti-fraud training and knowledge leader in the field, the ACFE provides you with four free video and workbook resources to integrate into your course. In addition, a sample syllabus and teaching aids are available from John Willey for use in your classroom. Learn more about educator resources.


    Join the Anti-fraud Education Partnership
    The ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership makes it easy for colleges or universities to provide expert anti-fraud training to students. Universities around the world have become key providers of anti-fraud knowledge and training through this unique partnership with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The Partnership was established to address the unprecedented need for fraud examination education at the university level. In pursuit of this objective, the ACFE is committed to providing timely, world-class educational tools and resources to universities and colleges around the world. Learn more.