Special Offer for ACFE Educator Members

Save $650 on earning your Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential with the Educator Certification Package.

Educator Certification Package 

Set yourself apart from your peers by earning the CFE credential and save $650* with this special offer! 

The benefits of obtaining your CFE credential include:

  • Earning 17% more income than your non-certified colleagues.**
  • Enhancing your professional marketability.***
  • Increasing your job security.
  • Strengthening your résumé with a widely known and respected credential. Gaining professional visibility and credibility.
  • Demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

CFEs enjoy all of these advantages and more. Join this elite group and save big on earning your CFE credential with the Educator Certification Package.

The Educator Certification Package ($599) Includes:

ACFE Educator Members interested in learning more about the Educator Certification Package can send an email to HigherEd@ACFE.com or contact a Member Services Representative via phone or our live chat.

*The cost for the CFE Exam Prep Course (Silver Package) and CFE Exam Application for standard ACFE Associate members is $1,249.20.

**2022 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals

***Robert Half International identifies the CFE as "one of the most marketable credentials today."