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    CFE Exam Review Course 


    Taking the steps to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) will position you as a leader in the anti-fraud community and attending the CFE Exam Review Course is an excellent way to get on the fast track to receiving your certification. Use this online guide to learn more about attending the CFE Exam Review Course and earning your CFE credential. You'll also find some great resources to answer additional questions and network with other anti-fraud professionals.

    Becoming a CFE is achieved by passing the CFE Exam, but there are additional qualifications to fulfill as well. Here is an overview of the complete process to get you started:


    1. Be an Associate member of the ACFE in good standing: Membership is a requirement to take the CFE Exam and earn your CFE credential. If you are not already an Associate member of the ACFE, you must first become a member to pursue the CFE credential.

    2. Begin to prepare for the CFE Exam: Your course registration fee for the CFE Exam Review Course includes the CFE Exam Prep Course software, if you had not previously purchased it. Study on your own. The questions on the CFE Exam are derived from the material covered in the Fraud Examiners Manual.  

    3. Submit the CFE Exam application with proof of education and professional recommendations: We recommend you gather your documentation and send it all together along with your application prior to arriving at the CFE Exam Review Course. A complete CFE Exam application with documentation is required to take the CFE Exam.

    4. Pass the CFE Exam: The on-site option allows you to take the CFE Exam in four parts during the course of the event. Results are scored immediately.

    5. Gain final approval from the certification committee and become a CFE: You will officially become a CFE once your exam and credentials are approved by the certification committee. Those who have attained the CFE credential will be invoiced at the CFE dues rate upon annual membership renewal.