Board of Regents Application

The nominations period is open. 

There are two open positions for the 2023-2024 ACFE Board of Regents. Any individual who has been a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) for at least three consecutive years immediately preceding the election this November may apply or be nominated for a position on the Board of Regents. The nomination period opens June 1, 2022, and ends July 31, 2022.

After the close of the nominations period, the Nominations Committee will select three candidates for each open position (i.e., six candidates total) to be placed on the ballot. 

If you are selected as a candidate, the information from your application will also be used on the official ballot distributed to CFEs for voting. For uniformity, the ACFE reserves the right to edit the information appearing on the ballot so that the information presented for each candidate is approximately the same length and format. Candidates selected to appear on the ballot will also be required to undergo a background check in advance of the election.

The election will be held online beginning November 1, and ending November 30. All CFEs in good standing are eligible to vote.

Thank you for participating in this important process, and good luck on your selection!

Board of Regents Information

  • I. Duties and Responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Regents are to: 

    • Set forth the educational, experience and testing requirements to become and remain a member of the ACFE and to be awarded the credential of "Certified Fraud Examiner." 
    • Set forth the Continuing Professional Education requirements for members. 
    • Establish, modify and enforce the CFE Code of Professional Ethics and Code of Professional Standards.
  • II. Meetings
    Two meetings per year are held to conduct business brought before the Board. Each elected Regent is expected to be in attendance. The first meeting is usually held virtually in February, and the second meeting is held during the ACFE Global Fraud Conference. Reasonable travel expenses (airfare, lodging and meals) will be paid by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for attending each meeting.
  • III. Elections
    Elections are held annually to fill vacant positions. All Regents elected shall serve two-year terms and hold office until their successors are duly elected. A Regent may serve only one term and is not eligible for reelection.
  • IV. Qualifications
    Any Certified Fraud Examiner who has been a CFE for at least three consecutive years immediately preceding the date of the election may apply for a position on the Board of Regents. A CFE can be nominated by another CFE or place his or her own name in contention. The Nominations Committee will review all applications and select at least two candidates for each open position. Regents shall be elected by Certified Fraud Examiners in good standing.
  • V. Compensation/Benefits
    Regents shall not receive any salary for their services. Regents may be reimbursed for their expenses, if any, for attendance at each meeting of the Board.

    Membership dues for the Regents shall be waived for the duration of their membership in the ACFE. During their terms of office, the Regents shall be entitled to ACFE products (not including third-party products and publications) and seminar attendance at no charge. Third-party products and publications may be purchased at cost from the ACFE. These products and services are not transferable and are only available to the Regents for their individual use.
  • VI. Regent Emeritus
    After completion of their terms of office, Regents will automatically be granted the title of Regents Emeritus. Membership dues shall be waived for the duration of membership in the ACFE. Regents Emeriti are entitled to purchase ACFE products at a 50% discount and third-party vendor products at the ACFE cost.

    Regents Emeriti may register for ACFE seminars and conferences at a 50% discount, subject to space availability. These products and services are not transferable and are only available to past board members for their individual use.