Together, Reducing Fraud Worldwide

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    Accountants prepare financial statements, forecast budgets, and design and monitor internal controls. By applying accounting concepts, performing accounting functions and disclosing financial information, accountants help decision-makers make appropriate determinations. The field of accounting includes cost, financial, fund management, tax and forensic accounting. Forensic Accountants combine accounting knowledge with investigative skills. Accountants may work for government entities or for public or private accounting firms.
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    Auditing involves conducting a formal review of an individual’s or organization’s financial statements. Auditors evaluate systems, processes and projects to gain information about financial systems. They perform validity and reliability functions to assess a system’s internal controls. There are external, internal and cost auditors who perform a wide variety of audits, including security, information system and performance audits.
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    Governance, Risk Management and Compliance 


    Governance, risk management and compliance programs are growing. Many organizations are implementing them to prevent and detect misconduct and to protect the interests of employees, shareholders, businesses, governments and the general public. The three overlapping functions are used to provide management structure, risk control mechanisms and regulations to an organization.
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    Individuals working in the public-sector or private-sector are central in the investigation step of the fraud examination process. Investigators in the public-sector can work at the federal, state or local level in positions ranging from local police detective to federal special agent. Investigators in the private-sector work in loss prevention, independent or agency private investigations, and internal or external fraud analysis. The nature of the work often depends on place of employment, location and the size of organization.
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