Complimentary Webinars

Gain important fraud-fighting knowledge and learn best-practices from your own office or home computer by participating in our newest learning opportunity for anti-fraud professionals: ACFE Online Learning. ACFE Online Learning courses offer you a convenient way to enhance your anti-fraud skills!

Earn CPE credit for your designation by participating in one of our live webinars or accessing the archived version of a previously held webinar.

Upcoming Webinars

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Patterns in Tax Fraud
August 10, 2021, 1:00 p.m. ET
Sponsored by SAS


On-Demand Sponsored Webinars

There are two types of on-demand webinars listed below — sponsored and member benefit.

The sponsored webinars are eligible for ACFE CPE. However, they are not eligible for NASBA CPE. Other licensing organizations may still grant CPE credit, but you will need to contact each organization where you’d like to claim credit.

The member benefit webinars are eligible for NASBA CPE.

Sponsored Webinars (ACFE CPE)

Tradecraft Training: How to Use the Dark Web for Your Investigations
Originally offered March 2, 2021
Sponsored by Authentic8 

The Importance of Adverse Media Screening in Preventing Financial Crime  
Originally offered February 9, 2021
Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

Pandemic-Related Fraud in Government Agencies: Looking Back at 2020 and Ahead to 2021
Originally offered January 29, 2021
Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

The Anatomy of Synthetic Identity Fraud
Originally offered December 9, 2020
Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

Pandemic-Driven Pressure: Impacts of the Coronavirus on Digital Fraud
Originally offered November 11, 2020
Sponsored by SAS

We Asked, Financial Fraud Analysts Answered: 2020 Online Research Trends
Originally offered November 5, 2020
Sponsored by Authentic8 

Fighting COVID-19-Related Fraud: Lessons Learned for Financial Institutions 
Originally offered October 20, 2020
Sponsored by Verafin 

Adapting to a Time of Chaos: Tips for Tax Administrators
Originally offered August 18, 2020
Sponsored by SAS

Member Benefit Webinars (NASBA CPE)

Keeping the Conversation Going: Practical Steps to Improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Anti-Fraud Profession
Originally offered October 13, 2020
Sponsored by The ACFE®

A Conversation About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Anti-Fraud Field
Originally offered August 19, 2020
Sponsored by The ACFE®

Emerging Technologies: Potential Risks and Controls
Originally offered April 7, 2020
Sponsored by The ACFE®

Best Practices for Conducting Remote Interviews 
Originally offered October 17, 2019 
Sponsored by The ACFE® 

Conversation with Futurist Marc Goodman
Originally offered July 30, 2019
Sponsored by The ACFE®