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    The volunteer application is NOW OPEN.  


    Additional opportunities are available from time to time, so forms will be kept on file for consideration for any task force or ad hoc committees that may be appointed. Volunteer opportunities are open to all members in good standing. Before volunteering, read more about the ACFE Higher Education Initiative Committee specifications and commitment level to make sure you meet the requirements.


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    Thank you for your interest to serve on the ACFE Higher Education Committee.


    Members of the committee must be teaching in an accounting, business, management or criminal justice discipline. Each committee member is depended on to assist with developing an agenda for the Annual Educator Meeting, increasing the amount of fraud examination education at the college and university level, and other specific duties listed. The highest level of commitment is requested. If you are selected, you will be notified after the Board of Regents meet at the end of February. Service terms begin in March.



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