• Volunteer Expectations


    Volunteer Expectations

    While participation in a Committee is voluntary it does come with responsibilities and commitments that the ACFE expects one to meet. The following minimum requirements are meant to serve as an indication of the minimum commitment required to participate in a Committee. Actual requirements may vary among Committees.

    Volunteers shall:

    Submit a committee volunteer application form

    Submit forms or questionnaires that may be required depending on the volunteer position being sought

    Be able to devote minimum time commitments for the committee and position (outlined in committee description)

    Adhere to the committee description policies and procedures

    Respond to all assignments in a timely manner, or indicate inability to do so by established deadline

    Be willing to listen to and fully consider other opinions or points of view

    Demonstrate professionalism/teamwork/spirit of cooperation

    Be able to work with minimal supervision

    Be able to work effectively on a geographically dispersed team

    Accept direction from appropriate level of leadership, whether volunteer or staff

    Adhere to ethical behavior

    Abstain from promoting personal agendas, proprietary methodologies, or other self-serving, political, or commercial purposes

    Demonstrate integrity and act within the established protocols

    Maintain confidentiality (when appropriate) on the work and work products of the committee

    Ensure the requisite level of knowledge/expertise to accomplish the assigned tasks, or inform the team leader in a timely manner if additional guidance or help will be needed.


    Minimum Participation  

    Participation on ACFE committees can vary significantly depending on the role or work an individual volunteer may undertake. In all cases though, the minimum level of participation is defined by:

    Active participation in a majority of the assigned committee activities.

    Responding to surveys or polls in a timely manner.


    Capability Requirements  

    Volunteers must possess the following minimum capabilities in order to be considered for a committee position:

    Access to e-mail and Internet (Required for collaboration and to send written documents)

    Access to telephone (Required to participate in project team teleconferences)

    Skill in written and spoken English language

    While the above are general capability requirements, the ACFE and board of regents may impose other capability requirements for specific positions within a Committee.


    Volunteer Expectations

    Volunteers expectations from their participation in the committee include, but are not limited to:

    Clear communication of the expected time and extent of their involvement in the committee

    Assignment of clear and achievable goals for their committee recognition and appreciation

    Professional development

    Networking opportunities


    Get Involved  

    Volunteers are vital to achieving the goals of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Again, we thank you for your interest in volunteering.