CFE Exam Prep Course+

CFE Exam Prep Course+

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CFE Exam Prep Course Plus


Coming soon... The Prep Course+ is planned to launched late December 2022.


The CFE Exam Prep Course+ features instructor-led video recordings that will guide you through the most important material and concepts covered on the CFE Exam, with the flexibility to watch on your own schedule.

What's Included?

The CFE Exam Prep Course+ includes five invaluable study tools

This comprehensive tool will help you pass the CFE Exam. The CFE Exam Prep Course is a computer self-study course that prepares you for the exam while letting you study at your own pace.

2022 On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course

In this collection of more than 20 hours of on-demand video recordings, instructors John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, the ACFE’s Vice President – Education (who has been teaching the live course since 2006), and Jason Zirkle, CFE, the ACFE’s Training Director, will guide you through the most important material and concepts covered on the CFE Exam. Preview the introduction module to learn more.

The anti-fraud profession’s body of knowledge is captured in the Fraud Examiners Manual, from which the CFE Exam is derived. Use this for more in-depth study of challenging topics. Includes a two-year subscription to the online Fraud Examiners Manual, plus the PDF format of the 2022 Fraud Examiners Manual.

2022 CFE Exam Prep Flashcard App

Familiarize yourself with the terminology and concepts covered on the exam with an app consisting of nearly 800 flashcards that complement the CFE Exam Prep Course. Android and iOS versions available.

Visit for instructions to download and access the app.

2022 CFE Exam Review Course Workbook

This printed workbook, with more than 300 pages, supplements the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course by helping you focus more effectively on the important concepts using an outline format as you work through the modules within the course.

Course Outline

  • I. Introduction

    1. Introduction to this course and the CFE Exam – 46:19

  • II. Investigation

    1. Interview Theory and Application – 99:37
    2. Data Analysis and Reporting Tools; Tracing Illicit Transactions – 80:39
    3. Planning and Conducting a Fraud Examination; Digital Forensics; Report Writing – 74:21
    4. Sources of Information; Covert Examinations; Analyzing Documents – 79:43

  • III. Law

    1. Overview of the Legal System; Individual Rights During Examinations – 87:16
    2. Criminal Justice System; Basic Principles of Evidence – 77:03
    3. Law Related to Fraud; Testifying – 66:50
    4. Civil Justice System; Securities Fraud; Money Laundering – 57:32
    5. Bankruptcy Fraud; Tax Fraud – 74:15

  • IV. Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes

    1. Cash Receipts; Theft of Intellectual Property; Consumer Fraud; Identity Theft – 93:59
    2. Accounting Concepts; Financial Statement Fraud – 82:26
    3. Fraudulent Disbursements; Payment Fraud – 55:01
    4. Cyberfraud; Corruption; Contract and Procurement Fraud – 94:19
    5. Inventory and Other Assets; Financial Institution Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Insurance Fraud – 83:16

  • V. Fraud Prevention and Deterrence

    1. Understanding Criminal Behavior; White-Collar Crime – 94:49
    2. Corporate Governance; Management’s Fraud-Related Responsibilities; Auditor’s Fraud-Related Responsibilities – 78:06
    3. Fraud Risk Assessment; Fraud Risk Management – 68:39
    4. Fraud Prevention Programs; ACFE Code of Professional Ethics – 61:58
    5. Question and Answer Session – 39:47


  • Is there a specific, scheduled time to watch the videos in the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course?
    No, unlike the live, in-person CFE Exam Review Courses, this course is on-demand. It covers all four sections of the CFE Exam: Investigation, Law, Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence. You can choose which section you want to study and when you want to study it. The same goes for the individual modules contained within in each section. Each module covers one or more topics and lasts, on average, about one hour. You can complete this course in the order that works best for you whenever it is convenient to you.
  • Can I re-watch the videos?
    Absolutely. One of the advantages of the on-demand format is that you can re-watch videos any time prior to your course expiring.
  • Can I start the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course before I receive the printed workbook?
    Yes, although you can view modules before the workbook arrives, being able to go back and review the printed materials is a great study tool.
  • How long will I be able to access this course?
    You will be able to access this course for two years from your purchase date or until you have passed the CFE Exam, whichever occurs first. At that time, the course will expire and you will no longer be able to access the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course or view the videos.
  • Can I share the on-demand course with other people?
    No. The On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course and all products included with the CFE Exam Prep Course+ cannot be shared with others.
  • Will I receive CPE for viewing the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course?
    The format of the course does not meet the requirements of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s (NASBA’s) definition of a self-study or live course. Therefore, we cannot issue NASBA-compliant CPE for this course; however, your local licensing body may still grant CPE. Please contact the organization in which you plan to claim CPE to determine if they grant CPE for completion of this course.


Toolkit Purchase Limit

Limit of one per member. Please call an ACFE Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 or +1 (512) 478-9000 to purchase Prep Course+ bundles for multiple members. 

Previously purchased a CFE Exam Prep Course? Please call an ACFE Member Services Representative at (800) 245-3321 or +1 (512) 478-9000 to upgrade to the CFE Exam Prep Course+.

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