CFE Exam Review Course

Get expert instruction and coaching to help you pass the CFE Exam

Master the skills and knowledge you need to pass the CFE Exam by attending the CFE Exam Review Course. This instructor-led course will help you master the concepts tested on the CFE Exam - Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, Law, Investigation, and Fraud Prevention and Deterrence. This course, in combination with the CFE Exam Prep Course software, will provide you with an unbeatable combination for passing the exam. 

Benefits of Attending

  • Structured learning - Prepare for the CFE Exam
  • Fast track - Participate in an intense, scheduled preparation period 
  • Instructor-led - Receive guidance from experienced instructors 
  • Interactive sessions - Participate in open discussions on a variety of topics in fraud 
  • Team environment - Meet others preparing for the CFE Exam and benefit from experienced CFE instructors who can help you organize study sessions to review materials, and provide you with tips and processes designed for the working professional's busy schedule 

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