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CFE Exam Prep CourseĀ® Subscription Package (Platinum)

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CFE Exam Prep Course Subscription Package Platinum


The CFE Exam Prep Course® Platinum Package provides effective training to prepare for the the CFE Exam.  Designed with the busy anti-fraud professional in mind, the Prep Course gives you the flexibility you need to prepare for the CFE Exam on your schedule.

Use Your Study Time Efficiently and Stay on Track

The Prep Course streamlines CFE Exam preparation. Use your time more efficiently by focusing on the areas you need to study the most.

The Prep Course enables you to:

  • Follow a recommended study plan or create your own based on personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set a target deadline for your studies and analyze your progress.
  • Personalize your studies by highlighting key points, bookmarking lessons and taking notes.
  • Focus on the areas where you need the most work, reviewing your results and progress by content area.

Highlights Notes Bookmarks FeaturesKnowledge Check

PreassessmentStudy plan

User-Friendly Exam Prep

  • This easy-to-use course puts the most relevant information at your fingertips. Quickly review your Prep Course progress by subsection and topic, access on-screen guidance and study tips, and stay on track to meet your target certification date.
  • Review your progress with a streamlined design.
  • Get immediate answers to your questions with helpful resources, including FAQs and user guides.
  • Prepare to earn your CFE credential through helpful content on certification requirements, exam information and tips for exam day.

The Platinum Package One-Year Subscription Includes:

CFE Exam Prep Course (Online)

The Prep Course is an online self-paced program that will help you prepare, with:

  • More than 500 lessons and nearly 1,400 study questions.
  • Direct links to source material in the Fraud Examiners Manual.
  • Nearly 800 flashcards to help you memorize terminology.
  • End-of-lesson Knowledge Checks that help reinforce your understanding of key concepts.

Fraud Examiners Manual (Online + Browser-Based PDF)

The anti-fraud profession’s body of knowledge is captured in the Fraud Examiners Manual, from which the CFE Exam is derived. Use this for more in-depth study of challenging topics.

CFE Exam Study Guide (Browser-Based PDF)

This study guide offers a breakdown of the key points and foundational concepts found in the four main sections of the exam.

On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course (Online)

In this collection of more than 20 hours of on-demand video recordings, instructors John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, President of the ACFE, (who has been teaching the live course since 2006), and Jason Zirkle, CFE, the ACFE’s Training Director, will guide you through the most important material and concepts covered on the CFE Exam. Preview the introduction module to learn more.

On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course - Course Outline


  1. Introduction to this course and the CFE Exam – 45:39 (minutes)


  1. Interview Theory and Application – 108:36 (minutes)
  2. Data Analysis and Reporting Tools; Tracing Illicit Transactions – 89:52
  3. Planning and Conducting a Fraud Examination; Digital Forensics; Report Writing – 87:24
  4. Sources of Information; Covert Examinations; Analyzing Documents – 81:24


  1. Overview of the Legal System; Individual Rights During Examinations – 85:15 (minutes)
  2. Criminal Justice System; Basic Principles of Evidence – 84:14
  3. Law Related to Fraud; Testifying – 72:56
  4. Civil Justice System; Securities Fraud; Money Laundering – 64:57
  5. Bankruptcy Fraud; Tax Fraud – 93:13

Financial Investigations and Fraud Schemes

  1. Cash Receipts; Theft of Intellectual Property; Consumer Fraud; Identity Theft – 94:51 (minutes)
  2. Accounting Concepts; Financial Statement Fraud – 98:17
  3. Fraudulent Disbursements; Payment Fraud – 71:17
  4. Cyberfraud; Corruption; Contract and Procurement Fraud – 94:38
  5. Inventory and Other Assets; Financial Institution Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Insurance Fraud – 92:37

Fraud Prevention and Deterrence

  1. Understanding Criminal Behavior; White-Collar Crime – 70:07 (minutes)
  2. Corporate Governance; Management’s Fraud-Related Responsibilities; Auditor’s Fraud-Related Responsibilities – 84:18
  3. Fraud Risk Assessment; Fraud Risk Management – 75:25
  4. Fraud Prevention Programs; ACFE Code of Professional Ethics – 74:57
  5. Question and Answer Session – 47:44

CFE Review Course Workbook (Browser-Based PDF)

This workbook, with nearly 300 pages, supplements the On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course by helping you focus more effectively on the important concepts using an outline format as you work through the modules within the course.

CFE Exam Review Course Slide Book (Browser-Based PDF)

This slide book, with nearly 150 pages, contains every slide used in On-Demand CFE Exam Review Course that you can add notes to while viewing the lectures and refer back to once you’ve completed the course to refresh your memory before taking the CFE Exam.

System Requirements

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    System Requirements: 

    •  High-speed Internet connection 

    Browser Requirements:

    • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. 
    • Browser must be set to allow Javascript as well as cookies. 

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