Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations

By Gerard M. Zack, CFE

This book’s author is a CFE

This book's author is a CFE.

Book cover for Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations
Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations


Business headlines today reflect an ongoing litany of "misdirected" assets, restated earnings, and out-and-out fraud. These cases, representing some of the biggest names in corporate America, have become frequent enough that much of their power to shock the public has been lost. But let the headlines involve a nonprofit or charitable organization, and the outcry can critically harm the organization involved — not to mention the goals they work so hard to achieve. 

"Fraud and Abuse in Nonprofit Organizations" is the first book to provide a detailed examination of the myriad financial abuses that can occur in the nonprofit arena, along with specific guidelines for their detection and prevention. This book provides decision-makers with the most comprehensive, hands-on look yet at nonprofit fraud and abuse, and outlines a fraud awareness and deterrence system designed to uncover and stop financial dishonesty before its damage becomes irreparable. Learn the special challenges of this sector and how to protect the resources and reputation of nonprofits.

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This book's author is a CFE.
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ISBN 0-471-44615-7
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Publishing
Published Copyright 2003
Pages 360
Format Hardcover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 An Introduction to Fraud in the Nonprofit Sector
Chapter 2 Overview of a Model for the Prevention and Detection of Fraud and Abuse
Chapter 3 Revenue and Cash Receipts
Chapter 4 Purchasing and Cash Disbursements
Chapter 5 Payroll and Expense Reimbursements
Chapter 6 Other Asset Misappropriations and Misuse
Chapter 7 External Frauds
Chapter 8 Fundraising Fraud and Abuse
Chapter 9 Fraudulent Reporting
Chapter 10 Other Acts Attributable to Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 11 Human Resource Policies and Procedures
Chapter 12 Administrative Systems and Policies
Chapter 13 Day-to-Day Management Activities
Chapter 14 The Role of the Board of Directors
Chapter 15 Financial Oversight and Analysis
Chapter Appendix Example Policies and Checklists

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