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Presentation Description

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The ACFE offers all levels of instruction at our conferences. Potential instructors are advised to read over the following carefully before selecting an educational level. Once selected the ACFE reserves the right to change the instructional level based on the materials submitted. Written proposals should reflect the instructional level per the guidelines below. These guidelines are from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Program knowledge level most useful for individuals with mastery of the particular topic. This level focuses on the development on in-depth knowledge. Advanced-level programs are often appropriate for seasoned professionals within organizations; however, they may also be beneficial for other professionals with specialized knowledge in a subject area.

Program knowledge that builds on a basic program, most appropriate for CFEs (and others) with detailed knowledge in an area. Such persons are often in a mid-level position within an organization, with operational and/or supervisory responsibilities.

Program knowledge level most beneficial to CFEs (and others) new to a skill or attribute. These individuals are often at the staff or entry level in organizations, although such programs may also benefit a seasoned professional with limited exposure to the area.

Program knowledge level that provides a general review of a subject area from a broad perspective. These program may be appropriate for professional at all organizational levels.

Please note the ACFE feels its conferences are for all experience levels, and we attempt to accommodate all attendees.

Instructional/Audience Level -
If you submit an Intermediate or Advanced session topic, provide at least one prerequisite for potential attendees. Examples include "Knowledge of and experience with the fundamentals of interviewing" and "Knowledge of how the intersection of culture and compliance can be directed by an organization’s ethics."
Please provide a summary of the presentation, key concepts and ideas. The summary should be no more than 100–200 words.
NOTE: This may be used by the ACFE to communicate content to attendees. We may edit summaries for length or clarity. Please DO NOT include the title of the presentation or name of the presenter in this space.

Learning Objectives
List three to five bullet points of what attendees will be able to take away from the session. Examples include "Identify the core principles of nonverbal communication" and "Examine case law and its impact on investigations."
Target Audience
Please provide a brief list of those disciplines (i.e. auditors, law enforcement, investigators) and/or industries (i.e. banking, retail, accounting) that you would expect would benefit the most from this presentation.
Track Classification (Please check no more than two)

Fraud Awareness, Prevention
Fraud Deterrence, Detection
Fraud Investigation, Remediation
Compliance/Risk Management
Anti-fraud Leadership/Management
Data Analytics
Best Practices
Case Studies
Emerging Trends
Professional Development
Other Subject (please specify) -

Before clicking the Submit button below, please check all your information and make sure your abstract and summaries are clear and concise and accurately reflect your proposal. Please check spelling.

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