The Art of Questioning: Getting the Truth in Interviews (Webinar Archive)


Understanding Corporate Whistleblower Protections

CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Knowledge of and experience with the fundamentals of interviewing


Getting the truth isn't easy. At an early age we learn to tell partial truths to avoid telling complete lies. Imprecise communication nurtures deception, while precise communication helps to prevent and uncover partial truths. The Art of Questioning will teach you to ask questions that are effectively worded, structured, designed and timed. 

Additionally, you will learn how to determine a subject’s communication patterns and use that knowledge to identify deceptive responses. Using mutually-understood words to ask the right questions, the right way, at the right time to get and use the truth.

You Will Learn How To:

Recognize and interpret partial truths  

Determine the ethical importance of proper question structure to ascertain the whole truth 

Apply proper questioning and analysis techniques to acquire the truth


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Webinar Information:

Presenter: Joe Koenig, CFE, FCLA, FCLS 

Recording Date: March 29, 2018

Duration: 100 minutes

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Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge

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