The Anatomy of a Bribe (Webinar Archive)


2012 Webinar Image  CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Intermediate
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Global organizations must proactively be on the hunt for potential areas of bribery and corruption. Bribes most often are camouflaged as legitimate payments and there are many places for them to hide in the books and records. They may take cover in both the supply channel and the sales channel, and they may be propagated by third parties.

If your company does business in any foreign country, there is a risk that bribes could be hiding in plain sight. To know what they look like and where to find them, you first need to understand the anatomy of a bribe. Anatomy of a Bribe will describe the nature of bribes, where they most oftentimes are concealed, and leading practices used to uncover them. Real case studies and actual examples of bribes will be highlighted to show how best to ferret out and capture bribes.

You Will Learn How To: 


Identify the risks of bribery and corruption when operating in foreign countries

Recognize the many breeds of bribes that live in both the supply and sales channels

Implement a compliance program as the most effective way to uncover bribes


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PRESENTERS: Scott Hilsen, J.D., CFE
RECORDING DATE: January 30, 2014

FIELD OF STUDY: Specialized Knowledge 

Last Updated: February 2018 


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