Lehman's Collapse - Repo 105/108 Transactions: The Anatomy of Accounting Deception


2012 Webinar Image  CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None





It was the largest collapse of a financial institution in history; Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 15, 2008. The use of certain repurchase transactions (Repo 105) played a major role in the balance sheet manipulation leading up to the bankruptcy filing. This course will use the Lehman collapse to illustrate how rules-based accounting (GAAP) can be easily manipulated and how management can knowingly shop for legal opinions in order to cover questionable transactions.


You Will Learn How To: 


Identify the purpose of repurchase agreements and the rules that regulate them

Recognize balance sheet manipulation

Identify how rules based accounting (GAAP) can be easily manipulated

Identify the consequences of Lehman Brothers’ use of repurchase agreements

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RECORDING DATE: November 21, 2013

FIELD OF STUDY: Accounting 

Last Updated: February 2018 


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