Positioning for the Future: Creating and Promoting Your Professional Brand in an Evolving Job Market


2012 Webinar Image  CPE Credit: 2
Course Level: Advanced
Prerequisite: Experience seeking and applying for professional positions





Rapid changes in global demographics, economics and technology are influencing how domestic and international corporations restructure and allocate all forms of capital, especially human capital. Rapid-response opportunities in emerging and mature economies demand professionals with demonstrated, quantifiable accomplishments. Meet these requirements through professional branding and continuous promotion of your skills, knowledge, and experience, and establish yourself as a preferred candidate, whether as an employee, contractor or consultant.

What you will learn:

How to compile necessary documentation for a Professional Skills, Knowledge, and Experience (PSKE™) Portfolio, which you can use to promote your professional brand to those with a need for your expertise

Why the process of crafting cover letters, résumés and other documentation should demonstrate, in quantifiable terms, one's claim for being a "problem solver, solutions provider, or game changer" to those in a position for such a candidate.

How and why you should cultivate a strategy that keeps a candidate's name at the top of the hiring manager's "short list" during the most critical part of the hiring process: after the interviews and up to when an offer is extended.

Where the areas of opportunity based on global demographic, economic and technology trends are around you.

How to target the most effective online resources for connecting with employment/contract/consulting opportunities in vertical or horizontal niche markets.


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Presenters: Don Levie, jr.
Recording Date: August 30, 2012
Duration: 100 Minutes 

field of study: specialized knowledge and applications 

Last Updated: August 2012 


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