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Self-Study CPE Courses
Expand your anti-fraud knowledge with our comprehensive NASBA compliant self-study CPE courses covering fraud basics and advanced topics written by the ACFE Research Team and other anti-fraud experts.
Online Self Study — Overview and Features
With our new browser-based online format, ACFE’s Self-Study CPE Courses are now just a click away.
Online Self Study - Available Courses
A comprehensive list of available online self study courses.
Assessing the Risk of Fraud (Webinar CD)

This course will focus on how to develop, deliver and package the results of the assessment to achieve the most value for your company or client.

Fraud Prevention (Online Self-Study)

This course will provide an explanation of what can be done to reduce an organization’s losses due to fraud.

Finding the Truth: Effective Techniques for Interview and Communication

Table of Contents (pdf)     Download an excerpt from this item (PDF)     Every day, auditors, investigators, lawyers and other professionals are required to interview and elicit information from people as part of their jobs. This video self study course

Cooking the Books: What Every Accountant Should Know About Fraud

This self-study course provides an overview of the responsibilities of the accountant, auditor and fraud examiner in responding to allegations of financial statement fraud.

Fraud Risk Assessment (Online Self-Study)

This course provides an overview of fraud risk, explores the risk assessment process, and provides you with a framework for conducting and reporting your own fraud risk assessment.

Fraud-Related Internal Controls

This course provides the details of a good fraud deterrence initiative and looks at the three main types of cash fraud schemes and examines how to prevent them.

Elements of Internal Investigations: Gathering and Protecting Evidence (Online Self-Study)

Conducting an internal investigation can be a difficult task. This online self-study course will explore gathering and protecting evidence to ensure your investigation is successful.

Bribery in International Business Transactions

Bribery in International Business Transactions provides an in-depth examination of international bribery and its impact on businesses worldwide.

Fraud Risk Management (Online Self-Study)

This course will explain why managing fraud risk is important for organizations and the steps in developing an effective fraud risk management program.

Other People's Money: The Basics of Asset Misappropriation

This course will train you to take control and prevent employees and others from committing occupational fraud.