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The Safe Hiring Manual: The Complete Guide to Employment Screening Background Checks for Employers, Recruiters, and Jobseekers, Second Edition

This book details how to exercise due diligence throughout the hiring process, significantly increasing an employer’s chance of avoiding the financial and legal nightmares of even one bad hiring decision.

Fraud Casebook: Lessons from the Bad Side of Business

Fraud Casebook provides an insider look at fraud featuring 62 entertaining case studies written by the fraud examiners who investigated them.

The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator is the story of how Bob Mazur helped bring down the unscrupulous bankers who manipulated complex finance systems to serve drug lords corrupt politicians, tax cheats, and terrorists.

Small Business Fraud Prevention Manual

This book examines on the most common fraud schemes committed by customers, employees and vendors, as well as tips on how to prevent these schemes from happening to you.

Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage

Today’s global economy has a dark underbelly: the world of corporate espionage In his gripping and alarming book, Eamon Javers takes you inside this hidden global industry.

Computer Fraud Casebook: The Bytes that Bite

This book is full of amazing stories of the investigators’ dedication, skill and intelligence to uncover fraudsters and put an end to computer fraud.

The Safe Hiring Audit: The Employers Guide to Implementing A Safe Hiring Program

The Safe Hiring Audit provides a blueprint to evaluate and improve a company’s hiring procedures.

Corporate Fraud Handbook: Prevention and Detection, Fourth Edition

From sophisticated investment swindles to false overtime, learn how to detect corporate fraud with the expert help found in Corporate Fraud Handbook.

Detectando y Previniendo de Malversación de Bienes

Resulta claro que el fraude de los empleados se encuentra ampliamente difundido. De todos los tipos de fraude ocupacional, la malversación de bienes es lejos el más común de ellos. Estos esquemas tienen como objetivo los activos de

Fraud Fighter: My Fables and Foibles

Fraud Fighter: My Fables and Foibles is a surprisingly frank and gripping memoir from an unsurprisingly effective fraud fighter, Dr. Joseph T. Wells.