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Free resources on selected anti-fraud topics.

CFE Designation Now 'Enhancing Criteria' For FBI Applicants

Thanks to a recent policy change, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will now begin giving special consideration to Certified Fraud Examiners who apply for investigative and technical positions with the FBI.


This fraudulent practice - older than time - can be summed up simply in two sentences: "If someone is taking payoffs, then they're doing something they shouldn't officially be doing. Look for what that something is, and you'll find the answer."

Setting the Stage to Fight Fraud

Scenario planning is a device used to strategically analyze risk. This actual case study from a certain Department of Motor Vehicles uses an example of specific risk scenarios to fight fraud.

The Barings Bank Case

The numerous investigations into the current sensational corporate failures will expose many of the same operations control weaknesses that led to the collapse of the Barings Bank of London.

Resolving Specific Identity Theft Problems (Part 2)

In this column, Educator Associate Robert Holtfreter outlines detailed procedures to follow when attempting to resolve other types of identity theft frauds.

Backup hardware and software

This column reviews hardware and software products available to the fraud examiner.

Intro to asset misappropriations for non-accountants

This second part of a short primer on asset misappropriations ends with a discussion of the organization of financial records, books of account, and the concealing of the misappropriations - all good information for the CFE-to-be.

A forum for fraud-fighting faculty in higher ed

After teaching in higher education since 1985, it's been my experience that sometimes the tables turn and the student becomes the teacher.

She Dealt a Death Blow to Illinois 'Pay To Play'

An Interview with Pamela Meyer Davis, ACFE's 2009 Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award Recipient and whistleblower whose efforts led to the arrest and indictment of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich