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Scareware Fraud, Part Two

In part one, we defined scareware and its prevalence. In part two, we examine specific ways fraudsters lure victims, how to avoid infection, and legislation of this latest evolution of malware.

John's World

ACFE staff profile of John Gill, CFE, J.D.

Courage is Part of the Fraud Examiner's Job Description

Interview with 2011 Cressey Award recipient and securities regulation expert Prof. John C. Coffee.

Traveling in High Style on the Organization's Dime, Part 2

Every employee has the opportunity to commit travel fraud.

Insurance agent fraud

Overview of frauds perpetrated by insurance agents and how to avoid them

Service Learning Projects

Service learning projects involve classroom and "in the field" assignments that allow students to address real-world fraud within their communities. In this column, the authors highlight three service learning projects that encourage "learning by doing."

Traveling in High Style on the Organization’s Dime, Part 1

There are many travel fraud schemes, and we’ll try to cover a variety of them in this and the next two columns.

Back to school

Learn how universities, and other nonprofit organizations, can overcome entrenched ideologies to prevent and deter fraud and reputational damage.

Disciplinary notices

Disciplinary notices for John K. Freeman, CFE, and Darryl K. Swindells, Associate Member

Joan Drabczyk, CFE

profile of Joan Drabczyk, CFE