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    Fraud Talk is the ACFE's monthly podcast dedicated to helping professionals who fight fraud on a daily basis. In these sessions, we break down case studies, talk with the industry's leading experts and give you more tools you can use to spot, fight and prevent fraud.

    Bank Embezzlers Swindle Their Employers

    May 2016 - Annette Simmons-Brown, CFE, Senior Paralegal at the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, explains how two embezzlers — one of a small community bank and the other of a credit union — committed crimes against their employers, and the preventive measures each institution could have used to deter these schemes.

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    The Panama Papers: Is Tax Avoidance Just a Distraction?

    April 2016 - Jeffrey Robinson, bestselling author of 30 books and anti-money laundering expert, discusses what the recent 2.6 terabyte data leak means in the grander scheme of global corruption.

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    The Internet of Things: When Convenience Overrides Security

    March 2016 - Can we be too connected? Zach Capers, CFE, ACFE Research Specialist, defines the Internet of Things (IoT) and outlines how network connectivity impacts data security.

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    Unraveled: When an Initial Allegation Brings Down a House of Cards

    February 2016 - Gerry Zack, CFE, CPA, CIA, Managing Director in the Global Forensics Practice at BDO Consulting, discusses a case in which his initial investigation of an embezzlement scheme and cover-up led him to uncover a deeper web of lies and deceit.

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    The Top 3 Fraud Trends to Prepare for in 2016

    January 2016 - John Gill, J.D., CFE, ACFE VP of Education, outlines the top three fraud trends we are likely to see in 2016 and gives tips on how to best prepare for them.

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    Why Anti-Corruption Programs Fail

    December 2015 - In this edition of Fraud Talk, Leslie Benton, Vice President of Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement at the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade, speaks about the ways companies can move from policies to practices, why tone in the middle is important, and practical steps companies can take to engage employees and third parties.

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    Women in the Anti-Fraud Profession

    November 2015 - At the 26th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in June 2015, the first-ever ACFE women’s panel discussion was a huge success. In this month’s edition of Fraud Talk, Liseli Pennings, CFE, Deputy Training Director for the ACFE, and Andi McNeal, CFE, Research Director for the ACFE, talk about being leaders in the anti-fraud industry, the importance of confidence, and the value of going for what you want and believing you can get there.

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    The Keys to Fighting Fraud in the Local Government

    October 2015 - In this edition, Chris Constantin, CFE, CIA, CICA, assistant city manager for the City of Chico, California, discusses common fraud schemes perpetrated in local government, and provides methods for detecting and preventing these types of nefarious acts.

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    Sincerity, Gravity and Action: The 3 Elements of a Successful Media Interview

    September 2015 - ACFE VP of Education John Gill, J.D., CFE, speaks with Katherine McLane, media relations and crisis management expert, and founding partner of The Mach 1 Group, about how fraud examiners can adeptly work with the media to convey the right messages.

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    The Role of a Fraud Examiner in Qui Tam Cases

    August 2015 - This month, we speak with Eileen Leslie, CFE, CPA and Financial Analyst at Forensic Strategic Solutions, about the role of a Certified Fraud Examiner when reviewing and filing, as well as testifying in, qui tam cases under the U.S. False Claims Act.

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    Accounts Payable Clerk Steals $250,000 from Local Transit Entity

    July 2015 - John E. “Jack” Little, CFE, CPA, Senior Lecturer of Accounting at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, examines a recent case in which an accounts payable clerk at the Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) diverted nearly $250,000 of cash out of TCAT accounts using a fraudulent check scheme.

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    Interviewing: The Only Element You Can Control is You

    June 2015 - Jonathan Turner, Senior Director of Corporate Compliance at Wright Medical Technology, speaks about his top interviewing tips. From mistakes to best practices to his No. 1 piece of advice, Turner shares his tricks of the trade.

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    The Power of Data in Fraud Examinations

    May 2015 - In this month’s episode, Jeremy Clopton, CFE, CPA, ACDA, Senior Managing Consultant of Forensic and Valuation Services at BKD, LLP, discusses the role of a company’s most protected, and useful, data when conducting fraud examinations.

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    Dog Shooting Leads to Discovery of Tax-dollar Misuse

    April 2015 - In this month’s podcast, we speak with Jenell West, CFE, CPA, CIA, Forensic Accounting Manager at Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services in Troy, Michigan. West details an investigation in which she and her team discovered tax-dollar misuse in a county’s animal control department.

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    Beyond the Misconceptions: Inside the Life of a Private Fraud Investigator

    March 2015 - This month, Hal Humphreys, CFE, owner of FIND Investigations and Pursuit Magazine , and producer of the Sound of Pursuit podcast, discusses the realities of being a private fraud investigator in Nashville, Tennessee.

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    The $2 Million Value of a Continuous Monitoring Fraud Application

    February 2015 - Misty Carter, CFE, CIA, ACFE research specialist, details how she worked with a team to create an application that monitored travel and expense report data to find fraud.

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    Be Fearless: The Career Path of a Fraud Examiner

    January 2015 - Chris Ekimoff, CFE, CPA, Director at FTI Consulting, advises listeners to ask questions, be fearless and make tough choices when developing your career as a fraud examiner.

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    The Top 5 Fraud Headlines of 2014: Madoff employees, big bank settlements and more

    December 2014 - ACFE VP and Program Director Bruce Dorris, J.D.,CFE, CPA, and VP of Education John Gill, J.D., CFE, analyze the year's top fraud headlines and discuss what their outcomes mean for 2015.

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    Executive to Whistleblower: "Don't Give Me That Ethics Crap!"

    November 2014 - In this month's podcast, we speak with Robert Church, CFE, FCPA, CVA, Director of Healthcare Investigations at Forensic Strategic Solutions, about a fraud scheme that took place at DaVita Healthcare Partners in Colorado. DaVita, a provider of kidney dialysis services, recently paid $389 million to settle criminal and civil anti-kickback investigations and ended joint ventures with kidney doctors at 28 dialysis clinics.

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    Let's Get Real: Practical Tips for Finding a Job

    October 2014 - From having a LinkedIn profile to using recruiters to your advantage, this month we dive into the most practical ways you can search for, and get, the job of your dreams.

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    Student Loan Fraud: Organized Crime in Education

    September 2014 - This month, ACFE Regent Joseph Agins, Director of Ethics and Compliance Investigations for Apollo Education Group Inc. describes the inner workings of student loan frauds and how his fraud squad goes after the people behind the fraudulent applications.

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    Understand Your Allegation & More Tips to Conducting International Investigations

    August 2014 - In this episode, John Gill, J.D., CFE, ACFE VP of Education speaks with Leah Lane, CFE, CFS, Director of Global Investigations at a large, multi-national company, about the key steps to take when conducting cross-border investigations.

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