• Beware Phishing Scammers Claiming to be the ACFE

    Some ACFE members are receiving emails from someone claiming to be from the ACFE, looking for CFEs to work on a government contract. Please be aware this is a scam. If you receive such an email, please do not respond; it did not come from the ACFE or anyone associated with the ACFE in any official capacity.

    Some people have received text messages on their cell phones from a source claiming to be an employee at the ACFE asking for information in exchange for money. The text messages also contain links that are not protected and could contain viruses. Please be on alert that this is a scam. Do not give your information out and do not engage in any activity with anyone texting on behalf of the ACFE requesting your information. Also, please do not click on any links included in the messages.

    Thank you for your understanding.