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    Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud 


    Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud will introduce you to the basic techniques of uncovering fraud through data analysis. Taking a software-independent approach, this one-day course provides numerous data analytics tests that can be used to detect various fraud schemes. You will also discover how to examine and interpret the results of those tests to identify the red flags of fraud.

    Who Should Attend:  

    Controllers and corporate managers

    Forensic and management accountants, accounts payable and financial analysts

    Internal and external auditors, CPAs and CAs

    IT professionals

    Certified Fraud Examiners and other anti-fraud professionals 


    You Will Learn How To:  

    Use data analytics to detect fraud

    Implement the full data analytics process, from determining which data to acquire to spotting the warning signs of fraud

    Utilize different techniques available to perform data analytics

    Recognize common red flags of fraud that appear in the data

    Implement data analytics tests that can be used to detect numerous fraud schemes

    Analyze non-numeric data, such as text and timelines, for signs of fraud 


    CPE Credit: 8

    Field of Study: Auditing

    Course Level: Basic
    Prerequisite: None

    Advanced Preparation: None