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    Featured Article

    Job Passion, Proficiency, and Profitability  

    Look for jobs that ignite your passion, for which you have the necessary proficiency, and that are suitably profitable. If you are in a situation now that is missing one of these ingredients, get busy solving the problem before it is “solved” for you with termination, mounting financial troubles, or a desire to pull the covers up over your head when the alarm goes off in the morning. Listen to the podcast here.

    Increase Your Income in Ways Most People Don’t Know 

    Like it or not, money is a reality we all have to face. Most of us understand that the things that are really important in life are experiences, friends, and family, but it is hard to escape the fact that financial freedom gives you a lot more time to make the most of those things. Read more.

    How Improving Employees' Work Lives Increases Retention 

    A recent Gallup report estimates that U.S. businesses are bleeding a trillion dollars annually because of employees who leave voluntarily. What’s worse, 52 percent of exiting workers said they might have stayed had their manager or organization done something to keep them from jumping ship. Read more.

    How to get the raise you deserve at work 

    Asking for a raise can be a nerve-wracking, unsettling, or anxiety-causing. You think you deserve a better paycheck, but do you know how you’ll convince your manager? Read more.

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    2018 Report to the Nations2018 Report to the Nations 

    The report provides an analysis of 2,690 cases of occupational fraud that were investigated between January 2016 and October 2017. All information was provided by the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) who investigated those cases. The fraud cases in our study came from 125 countries throughout the world — providing a truly global view into the plague of occupational fraud. Read more.

    2017/2018 Compensation Guide2017/2018 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals 

    The ACFE has completed its 2017/2018 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals. Based on participant responses, the median total compensation for a CFE is $89,868, compared to $68,629 for non-CFE. Read more.