Group Membership and Partnership

Support Your Employees and Gain Exclusive Benefits and Savings

If your organization is serious about sharing your commitment to reducing fraud, you should become either an ACFE corporate group member or a partner. In addition to gaining access to a growing list of benefits available only to group members and partners, you’ll join an elite group of some of the world’s most respected corporations, government agencies or educational institutions. Together, you will also be able to benchmark your initiatives and priorities, as well as share best practices.

A corporate group membership is ideal for corporations that want to save money by granting individual ACFE memberships, as well as access to exclusive training and events, to their employees.

Meanwhile, we partner with a variety of organizations — including law enforcement and government agencies and colleges and universities — that want to stay at the leading edge of the anti-fraud profession while expanding and deepening their global networks.

Joining the Corporate Alliance has helped improve our anti-fraud efforts through sharing and discussing similar challenges related to product integrity and cybercrime. Catherine Begley, CFE, CISSP

Executive Director


Merck Global Security 


Kenilworth, New Jersey, U.S.

ACFE Corporate Alliance

The Corporate Alliance is an ACFE group membership for companies with 10 or more staff engaged in anti-fraud roles. By joining the Corporate Alliance, you can access anti-fraud best practices — giving your team unmatched peer collaboration through roundtables and events, tools, training and resources from the ACFE.

Unity between law enforcement and anti-fraud organizations leads to progress in combating financial crimes in our communities that victimize everyone. Jason R. Wojdylo, CFE

Assistant Chief Inspector


Asset Forfeiture 


Arlington, Virginia, U.S.


Here are our current partnership opportunities. If these don't seem like a fit for your organization, but you’d like to discuss how we can work together, please contact us.