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    Mentoring Can Move Your Career Forward Faster  

    Whether you’re at the beginning of your career — or second career — or you’ve had years of fraud examination experience, consider entering into a mutually beneficial mentor-mentee professional relationship. This article is for both of you and everybody in between. Read the article here.

    9 Women Executives on How MeToo Has Changed the Way They Mentor

    The #MeToo movement has created the permission to be vulnerable about the dark truths many women have kept hidden for decades. From entry-level assistants who were mistreated by older male managers to C-level women who still face discrimination no matter their level of accomplishment or respect – everyone knows someone who has come forward. Read more.

    Why You Should Accept a 30-Minute Meeting With Anyone Who Asks

    One of the biggest mistakes I see adults make is not asking for or giving help. For some reason, many people believe that suffering through a thing on your own is somehow more noble than getting help from others. Read more.

    ACFE Authorised Trainer Draws on Many Decades of Anti-Fraud Work at the UN and USAID

    Hossam El Shaffei, CFE, has been interested in fighting fraud since first seeing normalized bribery occur in his native Middle East. Currently a partner specializing in risk advisory services at RSM Consulting, he has more than 35 years of global and regional work experience in multinational organizations such as the United Nations and United States Agency for International Development. Read more.

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    2018 Report to the Nations2018 Report to the Nations 

    The report provides an analysis of 2,690 cases of occupational fraud that were investigated between January 2016 and October 2017. All information was provided by the Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) who investigated those cases. The fraud cases in our study came from 125 countries throughout the world — providing a truly global view into the plague of occupational fraud. Read more.

    2017/2018 Compensation Guide2017/2018 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals 

    The ACFE has completed its 2017/2018 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals. Based on participant responses, the median total compensation for a CFE is $89,868, compared to $68,629 for non-CFE. Read more.