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  • LEGA Benefits

    In an effort to continuously offer the most up-to-date and useful services for our members, the Law Enforcement and Government Alliance has added new benefits to its program. All LEGA member benefits are accessible through a password-protected member portal and linked to your ACFE account. This private webpage offers access to LEGA webinars, both live and archived, as well as fraudster videos for continued education and staff trainings. Additional training materials may be available upon written request.

    Training Discounts

    10% discount on ACFE seminars and other training resources

    Peer Networking

    Private networking with other LEGA anti-fraud specialists

    Exhibit Booth Space

    Free booth space at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference

    CFE Exam Prep Course®

    $150+ savings on the CFE Exam Prep Course and exam

    Recruitment Assistance

    Complimentary employment ads placed on ACFE Career Center Job Board

    Continuing Professional Education

    Free LEGA webinars and fraudster videos for training purposes

    Discounts on ACFE conferences, seminars and other training resources
    The ACFE hosts conferences and seminars all over the world each year, as well as numerous self-study products and web-based training. LEGA members are eligible for a 10 percent discount on seminars, conferences and merchandise.

    Private networking with other LEGA anti-fraud specialists
    Your agency’s personnel have the opportunity to participate in more than 170 ACFE chapters worldwide, as well as a private community on Conference luncheons and special events are provided to connect with peers in other agencies.

    Free booth space at the world’s largest anti-fraud conference*
    The ACFE Global Fraud Conference draws more than 3,000 anti-fraud professionals from around the world each year. Complimentary booth space in the exhibit hall provides the ability to recruit new talent and promote your agency.

    Significant savings on the CFE Prep Course and exam
    Designed with the busy anti-fraud professional in mind, the CFE Exam Prep Course provides the flexibility needed to prepare for the CFE Exam, including study questions and practice exams. Both the Prep Course and CFE Exam are discounted for LEGA members.

    Complimentary employment ads placed on ACFE Career Center Job Board (limit 5 ads)
    With your commitment to have CFEs on staff, LEGA is here to help you find new talent with the experience necessary to represent your agency.

    Continuing Professional Education
    LEGA members will have access to two live webinars annually with specialized training that pertains directly to law enforcement and government employees. Both live webinars will also be archived for member’s convenience. Each LEGA webinar is 2 CPE credits.

    CFE Exam Reimbursement – GI Bill, Department of Veterans Affairs
    The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam is approved for VA reimbursement for all eligible veterans under the provisions of Section 3689, Title 38, United States Code. Questions regarding GI Bill programs, eligibility and applications for reimbursement should be directed to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    If you are a U.S. veteran or are on active duty, visit the Education and Training page on the VA website and follow these simple steps to learn how to be reimbursed for the CFE credential: 1.) Click on ‘Choose a School’; 2.) Select 'Educational Programs' on the sidebar; 3.) Select ‘License & Certifications’ on the sidebar; 4.) Click 'Search for approved tests online' towards the bottom of the page; 5.) Click on Texas; and 6.) Select the Certified Fraud Examiner credential from the list. Once you have found the credential, please follow the ‘How to Apply’ process on the VA website.

    *This includes the European, Canadian and Asia-Pacific Fraud Conferences for international agencies. Discounts not available in addition to any other discounts or product specials.

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