• Law Enforcement

    Individuals working in Law Enforcement are central in the investigation step of the fraud examination process. Law enforcement individuals perform a variety of tasks, such as collecting evidence and testifying in court. Individuals in law enforcement may work for the State or Federal government as a special agent, while others may work for local police departments. At times, they may even work undercover. The nature of work often depends on place of employment, location, size of organization, in addition to a variety of other factors. Special Agents may specialize in a particular area, or work in a variety of different fields.

    Areas of Investigation

    Law Enforcement

    White-Collar crime
    Organized crime
    Financial crime
    Bribery and corruption
    Money laundering
    Fraudulent documents
    Credit card fraud
    Types of services performed

    Types of services performed

    Conduct surveillance
    Evidence collection
    Conduct interviews
    Record examination

    Useful skills, characteristics and subject areas of knowledge 


    Writing reports
    Attention to detail
    Functions in stressful situations
    Alert to surroundings
    Understands associated risks
    Sound judgment
    High integrity
    Strong judge of character


      Education and Training 


    Physical Examination
    Written exam, previous experience and education-factors in appointment
    Background check
    Personality test
    Polygraph test
    Drug test
    Rigorous training program
    Specific organizations may have own requirements
    Certified Fraud Examiner credential