• Investigator

    Investigators may work for local police departments, the Federal Government, or as a Private Investigator. They may possess physical security responsibilities, though they mainly are responsible for the investigation part of a fraud examination, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses and suspects. In addition to their fraud engagements, investigators typically have routine engagements unrelated to fraud.

    Types of services performed

    Investigate claims determining responsible parties
    Perform background information checks
    Analyze information collected during investigations
    Assess damages
    Prepare reports summarizing investigation findings
    Detailed review of documents
    Compile information from investigation, interviews, and evidence
    Gathering evidence
    Property inspection
    Searching legal records

    Useful skills, characteristics and subject areas of knowledge 



    Critical thinking
    Written and oral communication
    Court procedures
    Government regulations
    Active listening
    Drawing conclusions
    Information evaluation
    Data analysis
    Problem solving
    Rules of evidence procedures
    Interviewing techniques
    Investigation techniques
    Negotiation techniques


      Education and Training 


    College degree
    On-the-job experience is most beneficial
    Certified Fraud Examiner credential