• Internal Auditor

    Internal auditors work for the company they audit, unlike external auditors, who are hired independently to audit the company’s financial statements and perform a review of the internal control structure. Internal auditors verify internal controls are in place and functioning properly to deter fraud. Internal auditors conduct compliance and operational audits, offering solutions for weaknesses in internal controls and verifying that all laws and regulations are upheld. Many internal auditors hold the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation, while others hold the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

    Types of services performed

    Review financial statements and other financial data of company
    Offer financial planning and budgeting recommendations to management
    Observe industry trends
    Track revenues and expenditures
    Business operations testing
    Prepare uncertified financial statements
    Maintain documentation proof
    Make efficiency-increasing recommendations
    Provide recommendations for and oversee implementation

    Useful skills, characteristics and subject areas of knowledge 


    Internal Auditor

    Components of financial statements
    Cash basis accounting procedures
    Accrual basis accounting procedures
    Oral Communication
    Written Communication
    Problem-solving skills
    Critical thinking skills
    Drawing conclusions from raw data
    Computer applications and their functions


     Education and Training 


    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
    Certified Internal Auditor designation
    Certified Public Accountant designation
    Certified Fraud Examiner credential