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    A video message from ACFE Founder and Chairman Dr. Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA, provides your students with an introduction to fraud examination -- and the different concepts and skills that this field of study entails.

    The ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership makes it easy for your college or university to provide expert anti-fraud training to your students. Universities around the world have become key providers of anti-fraud knowledge and training through this unique partnership with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The partnership was established to address the unprecedented need for fraud examination education at the university level. In pursuit of this objective, the ACFE is committed to providing timely, world-class educational tools and resources to universities and colleges around the world.

    To start the process of joining the partnership, your college or university must submit the following:


    A letter of intent on university letterhead stating its plan to begin a course titled "Fraud Examination" 

    Implement the course as a three credit hour undergraduate or graduate level program

    Provide the instructor's name (*the instructor must be a member of the ACFE) and the date in which the course will be implemented

    Acknowledge and return the Terms of Use 

    Provide instructor and student evaluations within 90 days of course completion

    The ACFE will then provide your institution with the online resources and accompanying workbooks below to support your Fraud Examination course:


    Online Video Description   Access Video 
    Beyond the Numbers: Professional Interviewing Techniques Click to View
    Cooking the Books: What Every Accountant Should Know about Fraud  Click to View
    Conducting Internal Investigations Click to View
    Finding the Truth: Effective Techniques for Interview and Communication  Click to View
    How to Detect and Prevent Financial Statement Fraud Click to View
    Inside the Fraudster's Mind  Click to View
    Introduction to Fraud Examination  Click to View
    Consumer Fraud  Click to View
    Making Crime Pay: How to Locate Hidden Assets  Click to View
    Other People's Money: The Basics of Asset Misappropriation  Click to View
    The Corporate Con  Click to View
    The Fraud Trial Click to View
    Resource Request 


    *The 12 resources are provided to college/university partners, not to individual members.


    Higher Education

    More Free Resources:


    The ACFE offers a sample syllabus, case studies, e-newsletter, and suggested textbooks.


    Other benefits of becoming an Anti-Fraud Education Partner:  

    Partners have access to the Anti-Fraud Education Partnership logo on your institution's website

    Recognition for your college or university on the ACFE website as a fraud education provider

    Educator copy of the Fraud Examiner's Manual

    Assistance Finding Guest Lecturers - The ACFE also provides contact with anti-fraud professionals who are willing to donate their time to guest lecture at no charge


    Additional Information: 

    To contact a guest lecturer or to request more information on the ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership, please email HigherEd@ACFE.com.To volunteer as a guest lecturer, please fill out the Guest Lecturer Application and mail, e-mail or fax to:

    ACFE Global Headquarters
    716 West Avenue
    Austin, TX. 78701
    Attention: Higher Education
    Fax: 1 (512) 478-8184

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    Supporting the Educator 


    University professors and instructors are an integral part of the Anti-Fraud Education Partnership. Becoming an Educator Associate member offers a great opportunity for instructors to join the ACFE, providing access to expert training and other member benefits.

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    Supporting the Student 


    Utilize ACFE's numerous fraud-related resources in your classroom and expand student fraud knowledge through a variety of training vehicles.

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    Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship 

    Students enrolled in your Fraud Examination course may qualify to apply for the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship.

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