• Government Accountant

    Government accountants are employed at all levels of government (federal, state, and local), and may even work for a not-for-profit organization. At the federal level, government accountants may investigate white-collar crime allegations, perform financial statement audits for government agencies, or conduct research on emerging accounting issues. At the state and local levels, government accountants often perform financial, performance, and compliance audits, recommending corrective action where needed.

    Types of services performed

    Government Accountant

    Interpersonal communication
    Written communication
    Oral communication
    Overall business function
    Interpersonal communication
    Oral communication
    Written communication
    Computer Systems
    Computer applications
    Government structure
    Government function

    Useful skills, characteristics and subject areas of knowledge 


    Financial data analysis
    Evidence integrity analysis
    Computer application design
    Writing reports
    Compiling information
    Testifying as an expert witness
    Eliciting other experts’ assistance
    Maintaining documentation
    Damage assessment
    Tracing illicit funds
    Locating hidden assets
    Due diligence reviews
    Forensic intelligence gathering
    Business valuation



    Education and Training 


    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
    Additional education in Communication and Government
    Certified Public Accountant designation
    Certified Fraud Examiner credential