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An Interview with Tim Harvey, CFE
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This regular feature includes brief interviews with various ACFE members from the U.K. and Europe sharing their views on fraud. This month's interview is with TIm Harvey, CFE, Director of U.K. Operations, ACFE.

Tim Harvey

What steps led you to your current role and what does that role entail?

On retiring from the police service, having served as a detective superintendent with both the City of London and The Metropolitan Police Economic Crime Departments, I was asked to consider the role of Director of U.K. operations for the ACFE and was delighted to do so.

In both the public and private sectors there are very few qualifications that establish you are competent at fraud examination. The ACFE’s Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential is the qualification that does just that. I tell potential CFEs that if they study for and pass the CFE Exam they will be competent to:

Identify any fraud you are likely to come across

Investigate fraud from cradle-to-grave in an efficient manner

Put in place preventive processes and procedures to stop fraud in the future.

I deal with the interests of the ACFE in the U.K., assisting in fielding customer enquiries, promoting the Corporate Alliance and assisting with the ACFE European Fraud Conference.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Helping people to achieve their potential. From my experience I know that all law enforcement officers and ex-officers share the same values — in brief, we want to get the bad guys. The more CFEs we have out there chasing the bad guys the better things will be. Some younger members of the ACFE may be a little apprehensive about confrontational interviews, but sharing my experiences helps them to excel at their jobs.


What do you think contributed to your success?

I like a challenge and I love solving problems. Frauds are a problem; you either don't know who or how they have been committed, or you do know and you have to try and engage with the guilty party to tell you something they don't want to tell anyone. Of course my career as a detective at New Scotland Yard gave me ample opportunity to hone my detective ability.


When you're not working where can we find you?

Wherever there is water. I like fishing in the sea and rivers, and boating in all its forms.

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