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An Interview With Mark James, CFE
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This regular feature includes brief interviews with various ACFE members from the UK and Europe sharing their views on fraud. This month's interview is with Mark James, CFE, Senior Fraud Investigator for British Gas Financial Crime Team.


Mark James

What does your job involve on a daily basis? 

My role involves investigations into all aspects of fraud and theft committed both against British Gas by external parties and internal investigations into theft, fraud and bribery. This includes contract fraud, misrepresentation, theft by and from British Gas by customers and outside parties and staff (including fraudulent claims against British Gas insurance).


I deal with cases involving identity theft of customers and theft/fraud against customers by British Gas staff. I’m also involved in risk assessments of physical security of British Gas assets, and compilation of lessons learnt from such assessments and all investigations in order for risk profiles to be enhanced to reduce risk and loss to business.


How did you hear about the ACFE? 

I found the ACFE website on an internet search whilst looking to formalise the experience and knowledge I had gained whilst working in law enforcement at the Metropolitan Police Economic Crime Unit and Serious Fraud Office. The ACFE has given me a deeper insight into professional opportunities available for fraud examiners and is a valuable qualification for further advancement in the field.


What are the benefits of being a Certified Fraud Examiner? 

It has given me a deeper insight into fraud examination. Using the ACFE website, the available webinars and the ability to contact other CFEs with knowledge of particular issues is invaluable.


What do you do when you’re not at work? 

I sing in a male voice choir and have appeared on the pitch at the Millennium Stadium before international rugby matches, Wembley, and have sung at the Royal Albert Hall and other venues in the UK. I am a keen golfer, although my son now beats me. I also enjoy shooting and am a keen Rugby supporter.



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