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Interview with Anna Tarnowska, CFE
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This regular feature includes brief interviews with various ACFE members from the UK and Europe sharing their views on fraud. This edition's interview is with Anna Tarnowska, CFE.


Q. Anna, you are currently an audit manager at Citibank -- what does that involve?

A. I am mostly focused on the anti-money laundering controls and compliance and regulatory risks. I also deal with internal and external frauds and ensure that requests from law enforcement and regulators are dealt with in a satisfactory and timely manner.


Q. How did you get to hear of the ACFE?

A. This was part of a programme introduced by Citibank: we had 72 of us, mostly auditors, attend the CFE Exam Prep Course in November. The course was very intense, and covered a broad range of subjects from finance, the law, different types of fraud and preventative measures. I really enjoyed the course. The material was great and each section was supported by examples of real life cases, which makes the learning easier. We studied hard and at the end of the course took the Exam.


Q. Now you are a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). Do you think this helps in your work?


A. Yes, definitely. I am already reaping the benefits and able to put what I have learnt into practice.
Q. When you’re not at work, what are your hobbies?


A. Well, I have a work-related hobby really. I am interested in the different AML and banking laws of each country, so if I am going to Russia I make a point of studying the laws and regulations of that country. Of course we have our own Citibank policies and experts in different countries, but I like to make a point of know something about the laws in the countries I visit.


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