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Enforcing the Rules on False Records, False Information and Other Aviation Offences: the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
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By Vaz Gopinathan

Aviation Regulation and Enforcement Department (ARED)


The Aviation Regulation and Enforcement Department (ARED) within the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is a small investigative department who carry out criminal investigations involving breaches of aviation legislation.

The ANO offences tend to relate to licensing matters and range from registration and airworthiness of aircraft to Air Operators Certificates (required for transportation of public for consideration) and prohibited behaviour (drunkenness and endangerment, etc). The ANO also creates offences in relation to falsifying aviation records and providing false information to obtain aviation documents.


The RAR offences generally relate to the use of the aircraft and markings on aircraft and airfields. Also, the dangerous goods regulations relate to the transportation of hazardous cargo by air and the ATOL regulations protecting the consumer from unscrupulous travel agents providing package holidays.


The Investigators, by virtue of being authorised persons under the regulations, have the power to prevent UK registered aircraft from flying, require aircraft commanders and air operators to provide certain aviation documents, and have right of access at reasonable times to aircraft, airfields and certain buildings to carry out their duties. Section 239 of the ANO also makes it an offence to intentionally obstruct or impede an authorised person performing a duty under the order.


As a result of a number of recent reviews of the CAA, a draft Civil Aviation Bill is currently being considered by Parliament incorporating recommendations from these reviews. The bill will give the CAA an important new role in civil aviation, and if enacted, will also provide the CAA with increased civil sanctions powers and incorporate the CAA as another regulator in the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008. To learn more about the CAA, visit


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