Understanding the best practices for fraud investigation is pivotal in resolving fraud allegations from inception to deposition. The proper procedures, techniques and skills must be used to conduct an effective fraud investigation. Explore internal and external investigations in depth through the following resources.

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The Chief was a Thief: Fraud, Betrayal and Oversight in a Small Town

What tears at the fabric of a small town? Theft, betrayal and a loss of confidence in the very institutions that make the town a great place to live. This is the story of how a small gap became a gaping hole in oversight, management and internal controls, which resulted in a theft of more than $250,000.

To Snare a Menace: 'Synthetic Identity' Fraudster Stole Millions

Identity theft attracts fraudsters because they can steal significant amounts with extreme anonymity, and victims and law enforcement can seldom pursue them. However, the authors describe an investigation that yielded the arrest and prosecution of a fraudster who used "synthetic identity theft" and other crimes to steal millions. Learn about their practical methods and a stunning twist.

Investigating Financial Crimes Against Vulnerable Adults

Family members, friends and caregivers often prey on defenseless adults. Here’s a “starter kit” to aid CFEs on how to gather and analyze financial, medical and real estate records; present cases to prosecuting authorities; and conduct successful interviews.

In-House Fraud Investigation Teams Benchmarking Report

Assess how your investigation team compares with teams at other organizations of a similar size or in the same industry. Us this information to help improve your investigation team's processes and allocation of resources.

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