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Computers and Technology

The proliferation of technology in the modern-day workplace presents a world of opportunity for fraudsters — and a complex challenge for fraud examiners. Anti-fraud professionals must know how to combat cyberfraud and how to use technology in fraud examinations. Learning the basics of digital forensics is crucial to uncovering fraud in the 21st century.

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A Day in the Life of IoT and AI in 2025

Amber Mac, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) expert, opened the ACFE Fraud Conference Canada in Toronto with a hypothetical story called “the paper-clip experiment” to show how helpful and simultaneously dangerous AI could be for individuals and organizations.

Spies Now Conduct Espionage From Their Couches

“There are no hackers; there are only spies,” cybersecurity expert Eric O’Neill told attendees at the Tuesday Working Lunch. “Hacking is nothing more than the necessary evolution of espionage. As we took our information out of file cabinets and we put it into databases, and then because we wanted to communicate quickly we hooked those databases up to the internet … we exposed ourselves to a new way of espionage.”

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