• Exam Version Date Released Prep Course/Exam Expires
    2019 US December 2018 3/31/2021
    2019 International May 2019 5/31/2021
    2020 US December 2019 12/31/2021*
    2020 International March 2020 4/30/2022*
    2021 CFE Exam December 2020 12/31/2022*

    * Exam expiration dates are subject to change. The exam expiration date will be updated with the release of the new CFE Exam prep Course.

    Prep Course Troubleshooting

    The following is a list of common technical issues users might experience while using the Prep Course or CFE Exam software. Please review this guide first and if the issue you are experiencing is not listed below, contact ACFE Member Services at (800) 245-3321 / +1 (512) 478-9000 or visit ACFE.com to chat with a Member Services Representative. Please note, in order to assist you better, we do recommend providing us with a screenshot of your issue. This allows us to identify the issue and provide a quicker resolution.

    When I Click the Icon for the Prep Course, Nothing Happens (Download Format Only)
    You may need to right click the Prep Course program icon and run it as an Administrator. If you are on a work computer, you might have certain restrictions. Contact your IT team and they will be able to correct this issue for you.

    There is not a Submit Button on Certain Questions in the Review Session
    For the Prep Course to run properly, please change the screen resolution to a color display running at a minimum of 1024x768 or 1280x1024 (we recommend a display of 1280x1024). If you are using a Netbook, this may not be possible as the screen size may be too small. If you are unable to set the screen resolution to 1280x1024, the Prep Course program will be unable to run as it does not meet the minimum requirements.

    If your display settings meet the minimum requirements and you are still having issues and using Windows 7 or 8, please make sure your font size in Windows is set to the default (smaller) setting.

    My Exam Crashed
    If you experience issues while you are taking the first section of the exam and were not able to complete it, please contact a Member Services Representative It may be necessary for us to generate a new exam key for you. Providing an exam key typically takes 1 business day.

    If your exam crashes during a section of the exam and you have already completed at least one other section, please email MemberServices@ACFE.com informing us of the crash. Please include the date and time you took the exam and what section crashed. You will then have to complete any remaining sections and submit the exam to us. Once the exam is submitted, we will grade the completed sections and provide you a new exam key to take the remaining section.

    Error Messages

    These messages appear when a known error has occurred. Please review these common error messages and the steps to resolve these issue. Please Note, in order to assist you better, recommend providing us with a screenshot of any issue you encounter. This allows us to pinpoint a potential issue.

    Unable to Communicate/Communication Error (Download Format Only)
    When using a home computer and network, you might want to try temporarily disabling any firewalls or internet security. If you are on a work computer, you may need to contact your IT department and ask them to temporarily disable the firewall or security program. You can also ask them to “whitelist” our Prep Course software and the following four URLs. If your IT staff is unable or unwilling to do this, you may need to use a home computer and network to use the installed version of the CFE Exam Prep Course.


    If your IT staff is unable or unwilling to do this, you may need to use a home computer and network to use the installed version of the CFE Exam Prep Course.

    Revision Mismatch
    This error message will appear if you are entering a Prep Course License key into a different version of the Prep course. For example, if you upgrade your CFE Prep Course and use your older license key to activate the software, this error message will appear. Please check to make sure you are using the correct license key that correlates with that version of the Prep Course. You can find your license key by logging in at ACFE.com/Licensekey.

    An Error Occurred (Download Format Only)
    Open the CFE Exam (not the CFE Exam Prep Course) and then click on ‘Check for Updates’ and select ‘from the web’. Once this is done, attempt to open the CFE Exam Prep Course software.

    If the issue is not resolved, please log in to your account at ACFE.com, click on My Account and then click on CFE Exam Prep Course. Next, click the link to download the CFE Exam Prep Course software and then download the software to your desktop.

    NOTE: Do not UNINSTALL the version that is currently on your desktop.

    Next, double-click the Prep Course icon that was added to your desktop and select ‘run’. Then, select ‘Repair’ (screenshot below).

    Prep Course Installshield Screenshot

    Once it is done repairing, try running the CFE Exam Prep Course. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact a Member Services Representative.

    Invalid Revision
    The Invalid Revision error occurs if you are trying to import a progress file into a prep course from a different year. For Example, the user exports their 2015 progress file, then the user upgrades their Prep Course to a 2016 version and tries to import their 2015 progress into the 2016 Prep Course.

    This error message will also appear if you try to import an International progress file into a US version Prep Course and vice versa. Removing the older version of the Prep Course will resolve the issue. If you have already removed the older version of the Prep Course from your account, please contact a Member Services Representative for further troubleshooting.