Sold Out: Detecting Fraud with Data Analytics Workshop

CPE Credit: 24
Minneapolis, MN | July 22-24, 2019
Course Level: Overview
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of basic functions in one or more of the following software programs: Microsoft Excel, ACL, IDEA, Tableau

The Detecting Fraud with Data Analytics Workshop will teach you how to plan, design and apply numerous data analytics tests in order to detect various fraud schemes. You will also discover how to examine and interpret the results of those tests to identify the red flags of fraud.

The first day of the course will provide a solid foundation on which to build your data analytics initiatives, from understanding the types of tests that can be used to tying your tests to the fraud risk assessment, properly preparing and normalizing your data for testing, and effectively communicating the results of your analysis. On days two and three, you will link your new knowledge of analytical tests, data sources, and fraud schemes while applying data analysis techniques to real data sets and scenarios.

Bring your own laptop and the software you are most comfortable with,* and practice using data analytics to uncover the red flags of fraud. You will work through cases covering a variety of fraud schemes, including purchasing fraud, corruption, payroll manipulation and financial statement fraud.

* Practical exercises can be conducted in Microsoft Excel, ACL, IDEA or Tableau. In order to participate in this workshop, attendees will need to bring one or more of these software programs fully installed and ready to use on their own laptop. Technical support for installing and running these programs will NOT be provided.

Recommended Knowledge and Advanced Preparation
During the workshop, we will be using several functions that are common in performing data analytics to detect fraud. To get the most out of the practical exercises, we recommend some proficiency in the following functions: LEFT, MID, RIGHT, MOD, FIND, VLOOKUP or INDEX, SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, COUNTA, and AVERAGE. Other useful (though not required) knowledge includes absolute cell references, referencing cells on another tab, text-to-columns, remove duplicates feature, and Analysis ToolPak.

If you are not familiar with these functions or would like a refresher, here is a link to a short video that provides illustrations on how each of them works. You may also use this spreadsheet to follow along with the video and try out the functions yourself.

In addition, you might find the Excel cheat sheets and resources at the following links helpful. Feel free to bookmark, download or print these and bring them with you to the workshop as a quick reference.

Excel Cheat Sheet 1

Excel Cheat Sheet 2

Field of Study: Auditing
Advanced Prep: None
Delivery Method: Group-Live

Hotel & Venue Information
Hilton Minneapolis    
1001 Marquette Avenue     
Minneapolis, MN 55403    
Hotel Phone: (888) 933-5363     
Room Rate: $226 single/double 
Hotel Cut-Off: June 21, 2019

Registration Fees

*Payment must be received by June 21, 2019 to receive the early registration discount.

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