• Is the Corporate Alliance right for your organization?

    Does your organization:

    1. Have 10 or more people involved in anti-fraud efforts?
    2. Seek to further protect itself from devastating fraud losses?
    3. Lack a team-based approach to your anti-fraud training program?
    4. Need to publicly convey your commitment to fighting fraud?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, the Corporate Alliance is a fit for your organization. 

    Participation in the ACFE Corporate Alliance can help your organization:

    Protect itself from fraud. Direct losses, fines and other legal sanctions can be averted by partnering with the ACFE and demonstrating your commitment to fight fraud through employee training and educational opportunities. An effective anti-fraud program can serve to mitigate or avoid penalties if a rogue employee engages in fraud or corruption.

    Improve the bottom line. ACFE research shows that organizations that have CFEs on staff uncover frauds 50 percent sooner and suffer fraud losses 55 percent lower than organizations without CFEs on staff. The unique expertise CFEs possess in preventing, detecting and deterring fraud has a demonstrable impact on the bottom line.

    Enjoy exclusive benefits. Partners receive substantial discounts on all conferences, seminars, training events and products. Also, alongside many other benefits, a dedicated liaison at the ACFE will be assigned to your group to provide an extra level of personalized service.

    The Corporate Alliance program is intended to facilitate learning, networking and knowledge sharing among anti-fraud professionals from different organizations and industries. Corporate Alliance participants may not: (a) solicit their products or services at Corporate Alliance events; (b) use Corporate Alliance directories or contact lists to send or cause to be sent unsolicited business development or marketing communications; or (c) share other Corporate Alliance participants’ contact information with third parties.

    Not in the corporate world? 

    If you work for a government or law enforcement agency, the best fit for your organization may be the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Alliance. Learn more

    If you work for a college, university or other educational institution, the ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership may be a better fit for your organization. Learn more

    If you work for a smaller company, individual membership in the ACFE may give you the best return on your membership dollars. Learn more

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