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Lawrence Clark
Chapter Name: Georgia Chapter #8
Position on the Chapter Board: Director


What do you do for a living?
I am a senior Lead Auditor for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.


Why did you decide to get into this field?
I was a police officer and I felt this was the best field for me to transition from law enforcement.


How long have you been involved with the chapter?
I have been with the Georgia Chapter for approximately eight years.


How long have you been a board member?
I have been on the board now for five years.


Why did you become active with the chapter and the board?
When I came to my first meeting I was fascinated with the presenter. I knew then being in this profession that I wanted to learn and do more about fraud. It just so happened that the board was asking for committee volunteers and I jumped at the opportunity.


What has been a highlight during your time on the board?
There truly have been many. One that stands out is when I joined the membership committee. We set out to double our membership, which at the time was approximately 125 members. Within the next two years our team worked hard on upgrading our website and made it easier for prospective members to join. We also made the process for registering for our monthly luncheons smoother. This resulted in the chapter's membership growing to more than 300 members.


What goal or achievement do you hope to accomplish during your time on the board?
I would love to continue to increase our membership. However, my goal is to assist our chapter in becoming chapter of the year. I believe we are on our way by our community outreach, and our partnering with local colleges and universities. Last year we had over 30 student members and we have given well over $20,000 in scholarships in the last four years.


When you're not working, or managing chapter activities, what do you like to do in your spare time?
I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I am attempting to develop a golf game. I am also a member of Toastmasters International. I do enjoy the opportunity to stand in front of others and tell a story or joke. I recently joined couch-potato anonymous in an effort to become more fit.





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